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  1. Well done Bips, just looked up the map you supplied and it seems you have achieved the mission! Hope you managed to get it done without too much trouble? Credit where credit is due one bike one woman and one numb arse is what it should have said. You now have bragging rights over us old farts
  2. Well done Bips, sent you a contribution and hope it helps, Ride safe.
  3. Well done with the weight loss mate, really hard when your driving all day and the pies are calling Seriously 12 stone is a great weigh to be, not that you were a fat git before! Last time I was 12 stone I was in my 20s.
  4. slice


    Chroming is never going to be cheap cos of the time and labour it takes to get it on. Why not try one of these chrome spray on paints? it's not like real chrome but can be really good results from what I see on the net. Some stuff like " ALSA" easy chrome is wayyyy out there when it comes to price but the cheaper stuff can cost as little as £4 a tin. What's to lose really if it don't work or you don't like it go the chrome route!
  5. Well I've done the "sand and paint" thing and also the "powder coat" thing and to be honest paint is not the fun thing to do while giving it to someone else is not nice on the wallet, so at my age! I go for the powder coat but as your just a "boy" you should have the pleasure of saying to any one that askes " no I did by hand" , not only will they be impressed (for about 30 seconds) but you can feel smug about all the old farts that can't or won't do it themselves.
  6. Well folks, finally got the date for my wife's op, it is the 19th of June so let's just say the chance of my being there are slim! I will try but it all depends on how she copes with the bloody thing. If I don't make it have fun and take some photos please. Stay safe.
  7. Handy for when they sneak up behind you! ?
  8. Well peeps it seems that SWMBO has been booked in for her OP in just over a month from now! So pretty sure that I'm fubard for the weekend but just looking at the map I "might" be able to make it just for the day on the Saturday? It's only about an hour and a half from me so weather permitting and hoping I can get away for the day I hope to see you all then.
  9. Hi and welcome to the YOC. ?
  10. Hi, well the PRIME is used only when you have emptied the carbs ie had them apart or run out of fuel. the rest of the time just ignore it. You might need it if the bike has not been used for a long while and the carbs have drained down but that can take months to happen.
  11. I had a look here https://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?114777-wr450f-oil-capacity and they said 1.3 litres. But another guy puts a QUART in so gives you a good margin of error!
  12. slice

    New ride....

    Well it's very pretty and all but now there is no chance whatever of keeping up with you! My only Triumph had 2 speeds, warp factor WTF! and dead still with various ugly fluids dripping on the floor, but I was only 17 at the time and had no idea. (Before you say anything Jimmy yes it's the rider not the bike!!!) ?
  13. Well that's not the first time I have heard this and I can assure you it's utter nonsense. Old wives tales never seem to die do they? There is little to no difference between a chain and a drive sprocket when it comes to bikes. Ask whoever told you this how they know and I bet it was that someone told them! I have ridden both chain and shafties there is not a jot of difference.
  14. No problem mate, right my best bet would be to look for some where that the wire passes through or is tight against the bike or frame, then feel and look all round the wire to see what if anything has rubbed or pinched the thing. Again your making it difficult for yourself, don't think about where you think it might be ignore any sort of guess work just keep it simple, the wire is the most likely cause of the fault and until you have ruled that out stay simple. if your sure that's not the fault then start with your next best guess otherwise your going to be dancing all over the place and never get a handle on it. Do you have a multi meter? if you do then check the continuity of the wire from front to back, that will tell you if the wire is still good if nothing else. A wiring diagram will help you immensely with this sort of fault, dig around the net for one and use that to follow the route it takes around the bike.
  15. That's a nice piece of kit Dutch, just need to delve down the back of the sofa for the money mate.
  16. Hi, well I know nothing about your particular bike but from others I have worked on I suspect you have a dead short somewhere, try taking the connector off of the ignition switch and see if the brake light goes out, if it does then it's the ign switch, if not then it's the brake light wire shorting across the frame some where. You say that the ign coil and brake light use the same wire! ok then try following that wire back as far as you can and see what it attaches to and unplug that and see what happens, it's always a problem trying to find a fault when you can't see the bike so where are you in the world? someone on here might be nearby and able to lend a hand. One other thing, always go for the simple things never start from the ECU or some other complicated piece of kit. it's usually the daft things that catch you out.?
  17. HI, Sorry I don't squat about your R6 but I did find the R6 forum if that's any use? Here's the web address. https://www.r6-forum.com/
  18. Hi Folks, well I'm not sure if I can make it to the meet I'm afraid. Spent most of yesterday in the hospital with my wife. Seems she has breast cancer and we are waiting on the results, so it looks like something of a long old road in front of us, it might turn out ok but just letting you all know that although the meet is a long way's off we could be knee deep in chemo and operating theaters. If I can make it I will but she comes first obviously. Stay safe out there folks.
  19. Hi Ronnie, well I don't see why not, back in the day I swapped out a Triumph crank case just to keep the original engine number still leaked like a right bastard but then they came out of the factory like that! Just make sure they are straight, a large piece of glass helps with that, then at worst use a "SMALL" amount of gasket seal as a belt and braces approach.
  20. slice

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Just wait and see Bips, their like vultures!
  21. slice

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Thanks Peeps, yes Tommy when your retired you can finally afford the things you need just in time to drop dead and leave it to your children! ?
  22. slice

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Thanks Finnerz, just been on to them and they can do the whole kit for £120, not bad and I will be able to use it on other bikes when I finally let this one go, just need to change the adapter kit at about£18.
  23. Ok well done with the bolts, just keep looking you never know stranger things have happened, as to the oil filter spinner, I think that they do one for the FJ model, it's a 1100 or 1200 cc bike but pretty sure the oil filter and spinner are the same? I used one on my FJ and it really made it much easier to fit new ones. Found this on another site fj1200 oil filter conversion kit. Might not fit but surely worth a look!
  24. As per the title, has anyone used or owns the ABBA superbike lift? I only ask as with the FJR it's a frigging nightmare every 2 years greasing the centre stand and pivot points on the suspension as the only way to do this is take the centre stand off and then dismantle the suspension, which as you can imagine with no centre stand and no suspension means that balancing the bike upright can be a little iffy! last time it cost me a new screen when it fell over (bollocks!!!) The FJ club are using one and they sell them but like everything it's nice to ask those that use an item rather than those that sell them! It's not cheap at just over a £100 plus fitting kit but as the cost of getting it done by a mechanic comes in at £120+ vat and it needs doing every 2 years it should pay for itself after the first use! Thanks for any input .
  25. Well that's a good idea, all threaded rod might work all depends on the tensile strength of the original steel used in them. As to the old block on ebay I sent you, my idea was to just chop the old cases away from the studs and scrap it, after all you only need the studs! Plus a lot less time and money spent faffing around with lathes and postage from far flung lands. Good luck anyway mate.
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