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  1. Hi Blackhat, I dont suppose you could say why you think the SR is hardier? The only reason I am moving away from the SR is because I keep breaking valves and they are expensive and getting hard to find so I was hoping the YBR engine would be easier... Plus its seating position is so low that I find it uncomfortable.
  2. I just wanted to say hi and see if I could post photos of my bikes: https://app.photobucket.com/u/ma701apm/p/659406d1-bb50-4725-a186-59ee66ffc0ce no Idea if this'll work. I currently ride a SR125 but Im transitioning to a XT125R which I am led to believe has the YBR125 engine. I picked up the bike second hand and in parts and I now have a running bike, but I cant find any XT125R speedos so that will be a fun conversion. Nice to meet you all...
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