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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I have replaced the master cylinder so thats better. I think the caliper has a leak/crack because fluid isnt coming out the bleed nipple itself, but the thread of the nipple. I may have to replace the caliper. I have found one on ebay in italy but it looks worse than the one i have so probably not worth it. can I get a different caliper for this bike? maybe off a YBR or something, although its on the wrong side so i dont know. Once again, any help gratefully appreciated!
  2. Hi there so my ongoing project with the XTR has one thing left the front brake. When I got the bike the brake would build up pressure and then overnight would lose it again. I cant see any liquid dripping out of the caliper so i assumed that was ok and bought a master cylinder kit. Now my boy who the bike is for gets impatient and says let me take the bike into work and I'll get it fixed in my lunches. fast forward a month or two and it comes back to me with no work done at all but in the kit for the master cylinder there is now a ball bearing which I dont remember taking out of anywhere, is t
  3. Hi Blackhat, I dont suppose you could say why you think the SR is hardier? The only reason I am moving away from the SR is because I keep breaking valves and they are expensive and getting hard to find so I was hoping the YBR engine would be easier... Plus its seating position is so low that I find it uncomfortable.
  4. I just wanted to say hi and see if I could post photos of my bikes: https://app.photobucket.com/u/ma701apm/p/659406d1-bb50-4725-a186-59ee66ffc0ce no Idea if this'll work. I currently ride a SR125 but Im transitioning to a XT125R which I am led to believe has the YBR125 engine. I picked up the bike second hand and in parts and I now have a running bike, but I cant find any XT125R speedos so that will be a fun conversion. Nice to meet you all...
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