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  1. My starter problem has been sorted, now that I can turn the engine I find that the R/H end of the crankshaft is bent, must have been dropped.
  2. Ken Dornan


    My mate had difficulty applying for a job with Citroen, he had to send 2CV's
  3. Ken Dornan


    My mate has been drinking brake fluid, I asked him if he was addicted? he said no he could stop anytime!
  4. Having just started a wee rebuild, the first for a long time, I have been looking on line (ebay) for bits and have been horrified at the postage and carriage charges, some as much as 3 times the cost of the item, some parts requiring no more that a Jiffy Bag yet are £20.00 postage. Outrageous. Rant over, for now. Ken.
  5. Wanted the 11 tooth starter gear and the matching 28 tooth idler gear for XS850. Regards, Ken
  6. I've not been to Kirriemuir, yet. I live 50 yards off the A9 on the NW500. I am more of a murmur in the glen, lol. I am based in Golspie.
  7. First post, I can't believe I have never been on this site before, I have had XS's for 17 years. Current bike XS 850 with a rebuild XS 850 just started, I bought it 12 years ago as someone's stalled project, for spares or rebuild and has been virtually untouched since. Lockdown has prompted a relook at it. This will be an 'economy' rebuild, I live in the far north of Scotland so don't get to many meetings although I did go to the Yorkshire Pudding Rally in 2017. Round trip of 930 miles, I was the only XS triple there. The highlight of my weekend was getting the bus into York for some 'c
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