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  1. Thanks very much. On closer inspection it will only need the ignition barrel replaced as the hole for the pin all seems ok. Phew!
  2. I've just discovered that someone has attempted to steal my bike during lockdown. There's be a screwdriver forced in the ignition barrel and the steering lock has been forced open. I have a chain on the front wheel so not sure if that is what stopped them taking the bike, but it also needed a new starter fuse so it wouldn't have started for them anyway but can't tell if they tried. I had a scooter stolen a few years ago and when it was recovered I was told that as the steering lock had been burst, the whole thing was a write off as they could have damaged the chassis. So my question is, is that the same case with this bike Yamaha YBR 125 Custom? I hadn't been riding it due to lockdown and I doubt I'll be able to get someone to look at it either. Just waiting on the police crime number so I can put in a claim but thought I'd ask if anyone had any experience of what happens next? Will I need a garage to look at it first or will the insurance company take the bike and pay it's value? I'm with Hastings Direct if that helps.
  3. I replaced the fuse but as I plugged it in there was a large spark between the bit of chrome above the horn buzzer and the engine block! Nothing turns on and I'm pretty sure the fuse has blown again. What's the best way to find the electrical fault? Or is there anything obvious?
  4. Great thanks. I'll see how that goes.
  5. Hello all, new here! I've had a yamaha YBR 125 Custom for a few years now. I used to ride it most days to work but a couple of months ago it stopped turning on. I checked the switch barrel and contacts seem ok. The kick doesn't do anything. No lights come on. I tried to charge the battery with my car but that did nothing. I eventually got someone to collect it and fix it and he said a fuse was blown! So I rode it home again. A week later I went to ride it and it was back to being dead. Could the fuse have gone again or is it more likely to be a dead battery? This time when I used the kick the neutral light flashed on for a split second but then nothing. If the battery is gone, do I just need to order a new one or should I get a charger of some sort to charge this one? I can be hands on and don't mind doing the work myself, I just don't know much about motorbikes yet! Any help is appreciated.
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