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    info required on barn find yamaha

    Hi Lee, well to be honest it rather depends on what you want to do with it really, are you going to ride it or just do it up and sell it. If it was me and I just want the cash then flog it to someone who will enjoy it after they get it going, the time taken to get the parts and the time to actually get it running is probably more than it's worth.
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    Hi all, new member here

    Hi and welcome to the YOC.
  3. slice

    Front Brake Master Cylinder -1997 XVS

    Well to be honest I didn't know if these came as a separate item either but having looked it up on the net there seem to be hundreds of them for sale from 10 to 18mm in size, just type in what you want and "Roberts your fathers brother" as they say..! Found this https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2UqPe_4s4LNGNpYVnoATGp1l4O6t6VWsPxdsbd6jr4A7-at8aNVcTRJAsLQ1siA7ex1F6vhs&usqp=CAE And this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Front+Brake+Master+Cylinder+-1997+XVS+sight+glass&source=lnms&tbm=shop&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiopeG00r_dAhVVFMAKHfM2AXMQ_AUIDigB&biw=1920&bih=877#spd=4082561139258610062&spf=1537105038773 In about 2 minutes of looking, I typed in "Front Brake Master Cylinder -1997 XVS sight glass" give it a try and see what comes up.
  4. slice

    Fault code 19 on my YBR 125

    There are loads of sites out there that give you the code readouts yours is ;- Fault code 19 - No signal from ignition to ecu. So check the wiring from the ignition to the ECU and see if you have a broken or rusty joint.
  5. Hi there, ok it seems your dealer is correct and in fact that's not a bad price, this is a rough estimate of a common price for this part £335. I would go down the route of getting the part from a broken bike, be aware tho that you can get these in KPH and MPH so make sure you get the right one. I'm pretty sure that you CAN'T switch between the two as it seems they come in kph or mph only. Looks like it ONLY comes as a complete unit as well so there is nothing you can swap out from one to the other. Look here, it says all you need to know. https://www.oemmotorparts.com/oem5.asp?M=Yamaha&T=YZF%20R%20%20125&Y=2012&L=YZF_R_125-2&O=METER&F=YA-YZF_R_125-2-Z-J25&L2=YA-YZF_R_125-2-Z-J25
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    XVS950 - Starting Problem

    The starter motor has very little to do with actually starting the bike, sounds odd I know but all it does is turn the engine over, so if your motor turns over when you hit the button then there is nothing wrong with it, there are 3 things you need to make the bike engine run AIR FUEL and POWER nothing else matters. So check Carbs Tank and fuel lines then Air box and air filter after that check that you have a spark to the coils and plugs. Unfortunately you can only do this when it WON'T start as it sounds like the problem only occurs when it's hot. My best bet fuel starvation, try taking the fuel cap off of the tank when It does this. Might work but it will be something simple.
  7. slice

    Yamaha YB100 1989 - fuel starvation?

    There are loads of "how to's" on youtube. just find the one your most comfortable with and have at it, this guy is setting up a set of floats but the principle is the same.
  8. slice

    New to bikes and Yamaha!

    Hi Yan, welcome to the YOC.
  9. slice

    FJR valve clearance..!

    Thanks fellas, yes I think your right Cynic the bolt was their fault but truth be told if they hadn't broken it I probably would have when I did it so not really to concerned about paying for it. Your right Drewpy it's about time and I have other things that need doing so not really a problem just felt like having a moan..! Will be nice to get the bike back tho, the garage feels really empty without it sitting there.
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    Hello, I’m new here

    Hi Woodrow, welcome to the YOC.
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    New Member

    Hi Chris, welcome to the YOC.
  12. slice

    Sachs roadster 125 v2 Wiring diagram

    Found this hope it helps. Sorry just noticed it's in German..! Pretty easy to figure out tho if it's for your bike.
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    Hi welcome to the YOC.
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    Hey Bips, glad the worlds treating you ok. Nice to see you back.
  15. slice


    Hi Nic, welcome to the YOC, as the others have said big chain and big padlock, especially on the YBR they seem to be a favourite bike for the bike thieves. If you don't want to carry a big chain then 2 small locks can work as well, one on the front disc one through the rear wheel and swing arm and then the steering lock on your bike, takes about 2 minutes to lock it up and makes it really awkward to steal. Of course they can just as easily pick it up and chuck it in the back of a van..! The best way, park it where you can see it and never look away.
  16. slice

    What is suggested running speed for YBR 125 and Millage

    As Cynic said you really don't have to do much in the way of "running in" anymore the bikes are built with much closer tolerances than they used to be and they are ready for the road almost from the start. It does pay to try to be gentle at the start tho, just in case anything might let go, most folk put a couple of hundred miles on the bike then it's off to the races. Usual checks are best done on a regular basis, tyre pressures and engine oil plus any cooling liquid that your bike might have, it's also is a good idea to check the nut's and bolts after a few weeks to make sure nothing is working loose. Other than that your good to go. Oh one other thing CLEAN your bike regularly, it might be a pain in the arse but you can spot a fluid leak much quicker if it's not covered in shit. If you don't already have one then buy the manual for your bike, lot's of good info in there and service and check data helps you keep it in good condition. Don't forget any vehicle is worth more with a good service history even if you do it yourself.
  17. slice

    Newbie Checking In

    Hi Geoff, welcome to the YOC. Good luck in your search mate..!
  18. slice

    dt125lc mk1 fork seals and oil

    Justin, this might be of some use to you. NOT the same as yours but all the rest will give you a head's up. https://youtu.be/vrmYJgcGX30
  19. slice

    dt125lc mk1 fork seals and oil

    As Jimmy said, push down on the inner thingy with the divot in it and hook out the circlip. Use a piece of cloth over the end to stop it firing across the garage floor..! There is usually a circlip in the bottom section of the fork as well under the dust cap, take the fork clamp off as well it makes it easier to just do one at a time. Don't forget to put the springs back in the right way as well usually tight at the bottom I think, best bet keep them the same way up when you remove them.
  20. slice

    Yamaha XTZ 125 mods

    Hi William welcome to the YOC. As you have already figured out changing the gearing on your bike will give you a top end boost but not a lot, the real problem is that your bike was designed to go at a certain speed and your going to find that getting it to go much faster will get expensive very fast, exhausts and carb kits plus boring out the barrel will help but every time you increase the speed the reliability will go down till you reach the time when it detonates across the road and throws you into the nearest bush if your lucky. Your best bet, take your test and ride a bigger bike..! Sorry mate but there is no magic fix for your problem. Now your other problem with going through sand at speed, again you can't, it's the same as the bikes and cars that do the DAKA rally even they slow down for sand.
  21. Cush rubbers would do that, might need some new ones mate. As Cynic said the easy one is the wheel bearing so do that first, just asking did this only start when you changed the sprockets and chain? One other thing occurs to me, the final drive bearing out of the gear box might be suspect to, let us know how you get on.
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    hello to all

    Hi Justin, welcome to the YOC.
  23. slice

    bike insurance

    That's a good price Kev, you kept the speeding fine quiet mate..! Thank fuck they didn't catch us when we were on our way back from Sheffield..!
  24. slice

    Xt 125 x experiments?!

    Well to be honest what else are you going to do? you can if you wish look at it for a couple of days but your still going to have to start it eventually. Best bet, take the plug out and turn it over by hand, if it doesn't hit anything or sound like a bag of spanners then bung the plug back in and start it. Just to be sure have your thumb on the kill switch, you never know it might be perfect.
  25. slice

    MT09 2015 advice

    Oh that looks good Alex, nice find.