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  1. It will be Barbecue time, mmmmmmmm Roast hog, few mates and some beers lol
  2. Have you noticed the unusual high level of ebay sellers that are dickheads at the moment, I bought a seat advertised no rips or tears, lovely seat apart from the small rip in the side, he blamed courier but i have the box and when viewed from inside is unmarked, then I found a mint rear shock at a decent price, when delivered and opened clearly a different shock to advertised and a piece of rusty shit. rant over, I have bought lots of nice button head stainless bolts to replace all nuts and bolts when i rebuild and a new 2k tank to refit as someone in its past removed and pre mixed and a complete new exhaust.
  3. I did honest, sorry to here your weather man is a lying bastard just like ours but since he is shit I might as well have a crack, This Saturday, Sunday, Monday,and Tuesday will be cold, sorry, but Wednesday will be fucking cold, Thursday will milder but still cold, time will tell. Good luck on the pig although I was brought up around guns and shooting, is a total different ball game for yourselves and don't think I could do it now, must be going soft in my old age.
  4. Where's this thread been hiding, looks like an interesting project looking forward to the end result.
  5. A hedge find, you wouldn't want to pull it out would you, that's got to be too far gone, a shot blaster would rip it apart.
  6. Yes both are the later 2004 on shape but not one off a dt125r
  7. Was out green laning yesterday so yes was using one, mate was out in his series as-well, He used to have one but could not here it so gave it away lol. took us 4.5 hrs to do 3/4 of a mile so you could say it was fun. about 6 bikes came down the lane using gravity to help (we were going up), they nearly fell off laughing at us.
  8. Also check and lube your rear suspension linkages and head stock. seen them on ebay and gumtree time to time mate, keep looking.
  9. Its turned out great mate, big pat on the back. the graphics look good too, there but stealth if that's the right word. Love it.
  10. I had a Beckett tuned 350lc in the early 90's, I got it from a mate after it had its second melt down. re-bored, skimmed heads and had crank rebuilt with new rods, lightened and balanced by a bike shop that used to race them at the time and fitted a set of race only pipes and mixed the 2K myself, first time I rode it I thought It was a death trap and they should be banned lol. didn't end good for me or the bike I'm afraid, but was fun whilst it lasted, the shop that did the crank work bought the bike for the engine for there race bike, in my opinion the only place safe for it. Ill never forget the first time I gave it some beans and a saw the rev needle fly into the red and out the other side. can anyone from the north east remember it, it had the Cult of Elsie across the top of the tank in orange, bike was all black (I didn't do it).
  11. And lubricate this one, copper slip the slider only a bit mind, you don't want grease all over brakes, you will prob find there's a few places on your bike that could use a bit TLC and lubrication if the rear brake has seized that solid.
  12. Just going to use some bearing fit, its a bit like threadlock, then once its set up cant come out and mines a nice fit, keeping wheels yellow to start and see what its like, might change them later but I like the yellow , I have a new linkage for it but im still missing the small lock bolt so get my mate to make one for me.
  13. Ex blood despatch bike hence the huge box and high mileage. Would make the ultimate pizza delivery machine! Does nobody else think this is just plain wrong !
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