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  1. yea was gona suggest the same as rf....heat it up and the stem should pop out easy enough....if that dosnt work take the measurements ...fork leg diameter and so forth and see if any rom another bike may fit i've used ducati yokes a few times in the past with yamaha usd's they go straight on no probs
  2. golfdub

    Just passed!

    Congrat's mate on passing your test............ nice choice of bike....!
  3. golfdub

    Favorite record ?

    Don McLean...............American Pie............everyone knows the words when their drunk
  4. Powerbronze....£33.00 bucks for an 08 R6 screen..............BARGAIN
  5. Bergom Alu is fantastic also try Meguires NXT metal polish very very good........Autosol is pretty crap unless your gona try and restore alloy thats badly oxidised as it has a high abrasive content. I've been polishing metal now for well over 20 yrs and have tried / used them ALL i'd only recommend the two i've mentioned.
  6. So whats your fav record off all time and why? for me it's the Metallica track " Nothing else matters" i went through such a shit time for a while in my life like most people do that i kinda lost faith in almost everything ..then i rediscoverd my love of music again so i looked out all my old stuff and bought alot of new cd's and stuff and it helped. Steve
  7. hi all just been up to the local motorcycle breakers where i live in scotland ..hes got a complete FZR 400R some 2stroke stuff and i did notice a 1000exup exhaust sitting plus the usual amount of wheels etc oh and a few complete USD front ends...maye useful to a few of the streetfighter builders on the forum? I've used the place a few times for parts and they're def NOT rip off merchants . You can get H&H Motorcycles on 01290559234 Steve
  8. Yea and to say i'm gutted that long time YAM man HAGA's now on over priced Italian SH*TE...he shoulda stay'd wi the R1 C'mon the yam boy's
  9. golfdub

    race bodywork?

    Hi all just picked up my second thou exup this morn its a bit ov a basket case seems to be mostly all there but it has no bodywork at all anyone know if there was ever race bodywork availlable for it ? its an 89 model like my other 1 If anyone has any idea's who or where i could source some from please let me know....cheers
  10. golfdub

    Newbie from Wales

    welcome to the forum matey
  11. golfdub


    Hi matey ran my R6 on bridgstones and virtually every other bike i've owned has had em on also....fantastic tyres good in the wet with excellent levels of grip and good feedback when going a bit quicker but superb in the dry. I run my 1000 exup on bridgstones ....i cant find fault with em other than the softer compounds wear a bit quicker
  12. golfdub


    wecome to the forum matey
  13. Go for it if your really keen to streetfighter the bike.... nearly all streetfighters started life as a pre accident damaged motorcycles. so far i've built over 40 bikes for people and to be honest they all have a lot of character, style , you name it a streetfighter is very individual. If your interested / concerned by other peoples views when it comes to building one you will never do it......put your own twist on it give it your own style and chances are you'll be very happy with how it looks and rides and at the end of the day a unique motorcycle will draw far more of a reaction from people than a run of the mill production model that just looks the same as everyother one on the road.....Go for it i say !!!!!!!!!
  14. golfdub


    when i got my r6 it was fitted with 208's and they were good tyres and they did last well but having had bridgstones on all the other bikes i had i fitted them when the 208's were knacker'd and that didn't take long but still a good tyre just felt more confidence in the bridgstones specially it the wet...everybody will prefer or be comfortable with a certain make / type of tyre why not ask around see if any ov the local guys have an r6 wi different tyres and see if you can have a go on there bike..?
  15. aw lov'in the pigtails.......
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