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  1. I ride an 02 plate R6 and no steering damper fitted and none will be fitted .I suppose you get used to what your riding (or who lmao ) .I was used to YPVSs before the R6 and it's certainly fun fun fun all the way to ride .The good weather is coming ,get them bikes ready
  2. It's In the blood


    Hi Guys Dealer up my way is selling one ,could this be what you thought you had ? .There calling it a ROSSI REPLICA. http://www.mitchellsmc.co.uk/usedbikes.php...lighttarget=690
  3. It's In the blood


    Hi Guys Dealer up my way is selling one ,could this be what you thought you had ? . http://www.mitchellsmc.co.uk/usedbikes.php...lighttarget=690
  4. Hi mate ,well there on the bike so time will tell .That many brands around these days it's hard to choose . Cheers all for your thoughts and input .
  5. Cheers for the comments Steve .It's an 02 R6 and it's going in tomorrow morning for the 021 tyres .Just hope the weather is better than today ,pissing rain up here all night .
  6. Hi guys Thanks for the feedback .Just booked the bike in for the tyres .I don't do a big millage on my bike so wear is not really a concern .The garage informed me that it's now 021 tyres as the 020 has been superceded .I think the deal i'm getting is reasonable as it's a ride in and ride out price .Now can we have more weather like the weekend ,cracking days up here .
  7. Cheers Tom ,they sound just the job .Only way to know I suppose is too try them ,time to book in bike ,ouch . Cheers
  8. Hi Tom Cheers for the input .1st time getting tyres for it hence the question .If they are good enough on your mates 600 I'm sure they will be ok on my R6 . Cheers Paul
  9. It's In the blood


    Hi all . Just been to the local garage and they have recomended bridgestone BT-002 tires for my R6 .Just wondered if anyone is using them and what do you think if so . Cheers
  10. Sure looked a sore one ,shame the bike got it .My last wheelie was in my early 20s ,scored a purfect 10,10,10 ,ok according to the cops in court I did lmao .It was that good they even let me give them money for watching and in return they gave me points .Lovely bunch of assholes in the Northern constabulary ,eat donuts and catch bikers ,what a life they lead wankers.
  11. Good luck mate .Never owned a cz but once upon a time I owned a mz125 lol and even passed my test on it .I think it was 4 gears ,oil in with petrol and the kickstart was on the bloody left .Only thing it hated was the wet as the spark plug would short on the housing and stall at junctions . This is similar to the one I owned and though (back then ) it was great ,hell it went and anythings better than walking or the bus . http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MZ-125-MOTORCYCLE_W0...%3A1|240%3A1318 All the best . Yamaha rider for a few years now
  12. Good luck if you do it mate .Perth to Wick is bad enough in a car ,at least you don't have to worry about speeding tickets ,pure fickers up here for tickets.
  13. What's the top speed of a DT50 and remember it's not allowed on a motorway ,hell at least a week .
  14. Yum yum ,yip she's a 10-10 from me too ,why didn't I meet a babe like her ,oh well back to wet dreaming .
  15. Hiya Ruth I hope this link works .It gives you the range and prices .I think you might be able to order from Yam uk direct but not sure ,if not one of thier agents . http://www.yamaha-motor.co.uk/Images/Lowre...cm46-207130.pdf
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