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  1. Regardless of if my engine is too hot, is there an aftermarket oil cooler that could be installed, if need be? That's what I really need to know. Thanks, Elimax
  2. Hi Cynic: Thanks for the reply. What is the best way to check if my gauge is running high? Do you have any recommendations for a gauge/tool I could use to get my header temperatures when the bike is fully warmed up? That would be most helpful. (By the way, I own a Vmax also...it's an '89 with an R1 front end. Killer bike!) Thanks very much. Elimax
  3. Hi all: I'm a new member here, and I have a question: I live in a HOT part of the U.S....Phoenix, Arizona, where summer temps can hit 115 degrees. My '87 FZR1000 Genesis runs fairly hot already (this is with a brand-new radiator, new Engine Ice coolant, new thermostat and new fan switch) and I'm wondering if any of you have experience with installing an aftermarket oil cooler. My research so far has proven to be fruitless...can anyone out there help me? Thanks very much! Elimax
  4. One thing to check/replace is the fuel filter (it's in the fuel line before going to the injectors.) That may affecting fuel delivery at higher revs.
  5. Elimax

    thundercat bars

    Try http://www.streetfighterstore.co.uk I bought a modified top yoke from them for a YZF750, and it worked great. Good luck. Elimax
  6. I'd definitely remove the clutch-side engine cover and replace all the clutch friction discs and springs with a Barnett system. Good investment, and stronger clutch grip. Also, sync those carbs. Mandatory to keep these old girls rockin!!! Elimax
  7. Excellent! I will do that....and thanks for being helpful. Thanks agin, Elimax
  8. Thanks golfdub and rf9rider for the help! I wonder why heating up the stems would help? I thought that, physically, heat would expand the metal, thereby making it more difficult to remove...wouldn't cooling it way down (thereby contracting/shrinking the metal) make it easier? Anyway, I just don't have any good way of finding out the steering stems on other bikes' length and diameter, so...I'm kinda outta luck in that area, at least for now. Lemme know, though, if there's a good way of finding out this data. That would be great. Thanks again. Elimax
  9. I use a Motion Pro compression tester on my Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator...it's excellent. I found it at the Motion Pro website: http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/partno/08-0188/ And it truly is called a "compression tester". Good luck. Elimax
  10. Hi folks…I’m hoping for someone’s help here. I’m in the middle of attempting to adapt the YZF750’s front forks and triple tree to fit on my 1986 FZX700 Fazer, and I’ve run into a problem. Here it is: Although the triple tree’s center shaft is the same diameter as the Fazer’s (meaning the steering head bearings won’t have to be changed), the shaft is approximately 1 inch too short to accommodate the bolts that tighten back onto it after it goes through the steering head of the frame and the bearings placed in. So my next attempt was to take the YZF triple tree into a machine shop and
  11. Thanks folks! Again, great info. Also, thanks, rf9rider, for the great link...very helpful. Elimax (Aaron)
  12. So, rf9rider, are those also brake discs from an R1 Yamaha, and do they fit without mods to the YZF750 wheel? Thanks very much! Aaron
  13. Hi folks: Any of you know if 1998 Yamaha R1 Blue Spot front brake calipers will fit (without mods) to 1994 YZF750 forks? Thanks very much! Elimax
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