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  1. I have a muffler for a Midnight Star that has the baffle drilled out, gives it a more thoaty sound! It's in excellent condition. Any offers?
  2. Anybody know how to delete ads in the For Sale section please?
  3. Yamaha XVS 1300 Midnight Star. First registered 10/06/11 950 miles. Extras include: Spot lights, front screen, sissy bar, Luggage Rack. Vance & Hines exhausts, Baron Big Air kit, Cobra Fi2000 Constant Variable Tuning Fuel Processor. Kuryakyn ISO Grips with end weights, Barons Custom XVS1300 Deluxe touring bar. The bike is in excellent condition and is one very special XVS1300, it runs like a dream, pulls all the way through the rev range smoothly and powerfully. It is truly exceptional, unrecognisable from the original configuration. There is approx. £1500 of extras on this bike making it unique. Phone Graham 07961 790 706 I can email pictures if required, mail me at [email protected]
  4. Hi All, I have an o2 sensor eliminator fitted at present on my XVS1300 Midnight Star and I am about to fit Cobra Fi2000, do I need to remove the eliminator? Also if I fit a Baron Big Air Box with the Cobra, do I need to do anything with the carburation? and what about the eliminator? Yours confused Graham
  5. Yep, drilled mine out, fabulous improvement! cost £100 with shipping because 12" isn't long enough, I had a hole cutter made up for me, it's for sale if you are interested, I also fitted an o2 sensor eliminator, that improves the running as well, well worth the £15! Regards Graham
  6. HEAVY WEIGHT Motorcycle Bar End Weights With Polished Stainless Steel Outer Stainless Outer Head Is Over 30.0mm Diameter x 24.5mm Long These will fit all hollow handlebars that have an INTERNAL DIAMETER of BETWEEN 17.5MM & 20.0MM ONLY i.e. most handlebars that have a 22mm (7/8") external diameter, these do not fit the smaller 13mm handlebars or the larger US ones. If the internal of your handlebars is not perfectly round then the smallest diameter needs to be at least 17.5mm or you will not be able to squeeze the metal insert inside. Your HANDLEBARS ALSO NEED TO BE HOLLOW TO AT LEAST 65MM DOWN FROM THE END OF THE HANDLEBAR so the metal insert can be pushed in fully. £30 free P&P! Graham [email protected]
  7. Hi All, I have managed to secure at great cost a 16" arbor with a 1" hole cutter. I am going to do my exhaust then if anybody wants to do theirs I will pass it on for a fee! I have a picture of it but seem unable to attach it! Regards Graham
  8. Hi All, I've had my XVS1300 for about a month now and I also love it! I do find all the issues mentioned here on my bike! The clunk from the front suspension is the biggest issue, I would like to cure that one! As for the o2 eliminators they are on Ebay now for £15! Try here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Oxygen-o2-sensor-eliminator-Yamaha-Midnight-Star-1300-/260667189701?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3cb0f9a9c5 Does anybody have any experience of de-baffling the stock exhaust? I have purchased a new one that was on Ebay so, I get to keep the original and play with the other one! Also how much stress is it to change the handlebars? Keep safe! Regards Graham
  9. Tony, Just a word of caution. My previous bike was a Kawasaki VN900 and I modified it with, Cobra Slashdowns a PowerCommander V and an Autotune x2 O2 sensors and a K&N air filter and had an expert set it up. It ran like a bag of spanners!!! Hence I arrived here with a XVS1300a! My advice to you would be to consider putting the original O2 sensors in the new pipes, that gives the ECU a fighting chance, or alternatively O2 eliminators, they can be sourced here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Oxygen-o2-sensor-eliminator-Yamaha-Midnight-Star-1300-/260667189701?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3cb0f9a9c5 Either way because of emission control and noise pollution MOT's can be an issue, when I enquired at my local dealer about getting an MOT, he just laughed and said "No way with those exhausts"! If it does run too lean it will damage your engine over time. One of the main issues with a V twin is that the cylinders run at very different temperatures, hence the need for the O2 sensors they measure the gasses and adjust the fuelling accordingly. Given what I now know if I was going to do it again I would get a import that doesn't have the o2 sensors! If you screw with the ECU, it'll screw with you, is what you haave to remember! If you were to go with the PowerCommander V and the twin sensor Autotune (Harley Davidson setup) and a K&N filter it would be almost essential for it to be setup on a rolling road, it only has to be done once! Good luck! Regards Graham
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