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  1. Fingers crossed but will be on four wheels.
  2. Yeah MC lucky guy nice bikes nice weather and a good turnout..
  3. Not only looks good drewps it sounds great!! The amount of cups of coffee I have knocked over when I hear it coming down the road and have rushed to the window coffee flying everywhere but well worth the look.....
  4. sorry only just seen this post paul ,yeah me to have lost the plot dropped something off at Andrews yesterday and called for some petrol and bought there demo, car sadly,should see me out LOL. Have decided to go skiing not physically the other type ( spending the kids inheritance) so hope to feel better at Easter and head to Hamburg then Denmark,Sweden and where ever the urge takes.
  5. Well I would normally agree with slice but as only myself knows how sick I feel I had a flight booked on Thursday to go to Sweden but it was physically impossible as I spent 48hrs being sick all over the place and having lost 2 stone and even finding any exercise to much. I am always positive despite everything ,death doesn't and never has frighten me i appreciate what everyone is saying but living in manchester which has the best cancer hospital in the country people come from all over the world to it, when they say there is nothing more they can do what then I am still positive and will re
  6. Thanks Mike it seems along lifetime ago that I was medi vac in to HMS yeovilton when you were an airy fairy before you became a submariner lay in a hospital bed surrounded by mate lots. For those who don't know what Mike was saying it was to remember the good times. Will do Mike
  7. Sorry to hear that Mac, that is what I have the oncologist said it can lay dormant from 10 to 50 years that the outcome is the same with or without treatment, so I won't be spending any money on treatment. I have racked my brains where I could have come in to contact with asbestos and found out in the 60s a lot of the army buildings were made of asbestos due to their Fire retardant quality even thought it was known to cause cancer from as early as the 30s. Typical of the British goverment if it had been a private employer I would have been entitled to compensation the American veterans c
  8. Sorry no..size 8 nah I am not a midget anyway would you really want some old gits boots who only has a bath once a year wether I need one or not.
  9. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes ,I have known for a few weeks what the outcome is 10 to 12 months now I have had the biopsys results it is confirmed. I have not wanted to post on here and tell people because I didn't want sympathy I just didn't know what to do as people sometimes feel awkward but in the end I have as i know my favourite bunch of fellow pisstakers might cheer me up on bad days. Nice one kev I knew you say something like that
  10. Well boys and girls it's a sad day for me today as all my bikes have now been sold, after a rather wet but enjoyable squires I went back to Hamburg only to take Bad and after a few weeks managed to get back home,Christmas came and went and I got no better. After many tests it seems I have cancer one which is incurable and the out come looks grim so I have sold all my bikes as it was a struggle to ride. I am sure those of you that know me will realise how gutted I feel after riding for 53 years but if I will not give up without a fight and maybe even still get to squires in the cage. Wil
  11. Hi Karen, the fault codes for R1 are if it was 16 it is the ignition coil, if it is 19 it is the spark plug, hope that helps Should have said 16 is ignition coil 2, 15 is 1 16 is 2 17 is 3 18 is 4 When I can find it will post all fault codes up for further reference . Paul
  12. oldtimer

    great forum

    up.yours photo-thumb-21261.png?_r=1371856280 Members 4,036 posts 0 warning points Gender:Male Location:twatsville Interests:bikes drinking eating pissing shitting sleeping. Country: United%20Kingdom.png Bikes:1981 rd350lc for fun. bmx for exersize. yam passola 50. for racing, EVEN AN OLD GIT LIKE ME CAN DO IT KEV, and that's on my iPad. smileys as well , perhaps you need directions how to do it,maybe directions the wrong word.......or maybe not for some reasons it won't let me put smileys or photos and the one thing that really annoys me it won't let me change my profile..
  13. Even better was when she started on me and murph and I hadn't even been there, couldn't stop laughing when she said to me and YOU should know better.lol
  14. Well Jason it seems like you might have made a wise decision, I am still in limbo with them I thought yeh everything's sorted but no having sent as requested a copy of driving licence they also wanted a copy of my no claims fair enough so I sent them a copy of my present insures paper work which shows my no claims but no no good enough so I got carol Nash to send me a quote for this year which also show s my no claims but yet again NOT good enough they want to wait till my insurance has ended with carol Nash and then phone them so I think I will be using my 14 day cooling off period to cancel
  15. They might be now but last night they were horrendous that rain! And then the mist and fog over the top. Looking at your bike last night it was difficult to tell it was a new bike. Have a nice afternoon cleaning it I have spent 2 hours and mine still not mint lol.
  16. We'll did one of those online quotes with the bike insurer after carol Nash who I have been with for years sent me my renewal what a p...s take my online quotes came back with bikesure streets ahead saving me £192.84 on carol Nash whose first quote was over £500 pounds more but suddenly came down over £200 after I said no,so in the end I have paid half of what I would have paid on my MV Agusta F 3. Thanks bikesure well pleased and quickly followed up with policy details on PDF Now just have to decide do I keep my Bonnie as well!
  17. Well john I am with you never ever buy a new bike,with any bike you will have some depreciation but adding to that the VAT my bike in the first year from riding out the showroom I was down over 4k. As far as reliability some have no problems others have lots but reading the internet most of the comments will be negative nobody posts how good just how shit and what problems they have had. I love the comments about my bike oh no you bought an Italian bike the electrics are crap they are un reliable mostly from people who have never had or rode one.well mine has been a dream one blown fuse an
  18. Hope carol gets over the op............she a nice lass. Not very nice calling her a bitch ....lol
  19. Yeh will be there at squires,having been a widower for 25 years and a happy single biker left Antwerp and started to spend a lot of time in hamburg then the usual story met a woman and was due to spend the next 3 weeks in hamburg but due to my bad behaviour on Saturday and a big row I am back home single and happy. Both my bikes and cars are due for insurance in September so the nightmare will begin all over again LOL At least in hamburg no one tried to steal my bike or car over the last six months unlike Antwerp 3 times I had attempts at having it away with my bike,which is why I don't s
  20. Insurance is one big nightmare, single policy? Multipolicy? Six wheel policy tried them all none of them appear to be any cheaper last year I almost considered giving up having more than one bike and carol Nash can shove there policy's where the sun don't shine I was with them for years from when carol started and did them from her kitchen but for some reason everybody tells me it must be great being 67 years old your insurance must be cheap well for some reason once I got to 65 it seems to be going up ? WTF. I give up
  21. oldtimer

    New baby

    OLD your only a youngster DDT ,having said that I feel 90 after a 800 mile journey from hamburg got home last night and am still walking like John Wayne. Sacha. Nice bike enjoy and stay safe looks more comfortable than mine
  22. Thanks andy for an amazing offer our nick was round last night so he sorted me out, the swelling seems to be going down, up and about this morning think I am best staying local while it goes down completely. Thanks once again.
  23. Sorry you have no chance of a burger.....agh. I am grounded I have got GOUT last time I had an attack was twenty year ago not much hope of getting my boot on , the good news is whilst sat here moaning I have just realised if I had left tomorrow I would have done so with no road tax
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