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  1. Thanks for the advice so far, I'm going to strip the bike completely and pull all connections & plugs to check for corrosion, thinking it could be a chassis ground issue so going to check all of those too. I'll still get a new battery though, dealer one this time
  2. Harnesses are really easy to make, the pliers for the pins are the pricey bit! Just let me know if you need any help
  3. Lol! I can help with animals too
  4. Not a problem I'll help as much as I can
  5. I'm nearly at a sensible level, all 15 horses have gone and down to about 50 snakes and 100 ish spiders lol! Also got iguanas, monitors, fish, dogs, various bugs and a parrot, did have goshawks too but had to sell due to no hunting ground
  6. It's a brand new battery, no problems at all until it lost all revs and dropped to idle at 70mph, yeah multimeter was reading 12.6v obviously couldn't check it under load or charge rate. I'll buy another new battery anyway and try the jump start but I'm swaying towards one of the sensors being at fault.
  7. Lol! I know! Not too clued up about bikes though, give me a cctv unit or blue lights and bull horns to wire up and I'm fine. Tried all the logical stuff but don't really want to try bolt-on diagnostics - that could get pretty expensive!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Karen from Glasgow, oops I've posted a new topic before introducing myself! I'm new to forums, sorry hehe. I have a 2007 R1 which was running sweet until 2 weeks ago - hence my joining this site and my other post. I'm an engineer, was a technician/ MOT tester for Vauxhall for many years then a few years ago I went into fitting trackers. I'm now an auto-electrician building and wiring new fire engines. I love animals and have numerous pets, I have to many hobbies to list lol - I'll end up boring you all!! Well, that's me Kaz x
  9. Hi all, I'm Karen from Glasgow, I'm new to forums but I'm having some issues so bit the bullet and joined lol! I have a 2007 R1 with power commander fitted. I changed jobs in 2009 and the bike went off the road due to low salary ( I didn't have the heart to sell! ). I finally decided to get it back on the road last year, changed plugs, battery, brake fluid, coolant etc, stripped out injectors and soaked them in carb cleaner and I dropped some oil down the bores and rolled the bike in gear to free off the Pistons. After all of this it fired up and ran perfectly, went for mot and sailed through, this was in April last year and I've been using the bike regular since and it has been running faultlessly. Then, on my way to work two weeks ago, I was in top gear on the motorway, doing around 70mph ish and it stuttered, eml came on then it wouldn't accelerate. I pulled over and there was no throttle whatsoever it was just sitting at idle, it came up with a code but I can't remember if it was 16 or 19 - I'm thinking it was 19. It was idling ok, no misfire just wouldn't respond at all when I opened the throttle. I turned the engine off but hazards went off when the ignition was off so I tried to start it up again but it struggled to start and kept cutting out. I have since checked the fuse box, it was showing signs of water ingress and starting to corrode so I replaced all of the pins, replaced all of the fuses and covered them in electrical grease. Battery is fully charged but the bike still won't start, it's turning over but not firing up, when I put the ignition on I have no lights at all - I have ignition lights but they all go out when I try to start the bike. There is no fault code now and the eml is no longer staying on. I'm now thinking along the lines of throttle position sensor, accelerator sensor, power commander or ECU. Has this ever happened to you, or does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance Kaz x
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