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Xj6n Error code

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Hey everyone, just trouble shooting here. Bike (09 xj6n) has been working fine no issues at all and now this happens when I switch ignition on. Error code ER_1 and shows temperature and engine warning lights! The speedo doesn't change from 0 while riding aswell since this code has shown up. Anyone every had this?I've read it may be something to do with ecu. Where should I start? 

Thanks in advance, any help would be great


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HI,Presumably it runs then if you say the speedo doesn't register whilst riding.

i did a google search( although I expect you have done too)

and came up with this...


scroll down past all the green text to see the error codes and explanation


although to be fair even this website


and this..


they all have one fact in common.....they don't run!!!

therefore not sure if this is of any help.


having said that some of the suggestions within the posts may be worth checking.




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Dash looks the same as my FZ6 S2. On mine, code ER-1 is "no communication or unreadable communication between ECU and instrument cluster - engine will not run". Causes are " faulty wiring or wiring connector - damaged instrument cluster - damaged ECU". As your instrument cluster appears to have several cracks in the screen, I suggest you start at the cluster.

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