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Hi All, 

Been a while since i posted last, so here goes. 

I have this XT125 that has been an almighty pain in the backside, it wouldn't run properly so its been stripped and rebored and rebuilt. Second kick of th starter, and the end of the shaft broke off, which was frustrating. 


I have changed the kickstart shaft, but it seems the small lug in the crank casing that makes the starter spring back has broken off. 

I have found some casings online for sale, but the engine number i have doesn't seem to look like any of the others, ie mine starts X12V- rather than the 15E- or 10A- of the engines for sale online. 


So my question is this, how can i identify casings that are compatible, so i can get this engine rebuilt and working again. Or can i just have the current casing welded to a strong enough point to function.


Any advice i would be grateful of. 


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Hi Nicomasala, I might not be able to help as regards to the engine casing compatiblity but I can give you some advice as regards to the welding.

I answered a similar post the other day and my answer also applies here:-

The casing is cast aluminium, if you're not familiar, they make a mould and pour in molten aluminium and it sets into the shape they designed, it's quite strong, but if it gets damaged it's a different story.

In my experience aluminium welding is not that successful especially if its going to support something, it's more suitable to say,.. repairing the outer casing... to seal up a crack. (which doesn't always last). Regretfully you're looking at replacing the damaged casing with another or a new one.

In my opinion the original casting is always stronger than a weld repair, it simply won't have the same structural strength and will likely break again when put under pressure.

Might not be what you want to hear, but that's my advice, hope it's of some help,


kind regards


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see Allen Millyard's youtube channel and say casings can't be welded.
I've had a motor mount welded up and its no problem for 10 years its been on there.

You need too make sure all oil is out but some castings can be porous and there may be an issue

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Ill take a look, i have to strip the engine out anyways, so i guess having a go cant hurt, i just dont want to build it all back up if its going to break first kick. 

Perhaps ill strip the case and speak to some local shops and see.


Thanks for all the advise. 

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