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  1. Ill take a look, i have to strip the engine out anyways, so i guess having a go cant hurt, i just dont want to build it all back up if its going to break first kick. Perhaps ill strip the case and speak to some local shops and see. Thanks for all the advise.
  2. Ok thanks, im afraid its what i was expecting to hear, and as i wil have to strip the casings to have them welded, i just as well build into a replacement casing set. I just need to find compatible units now.
  3. Hi All, Been a while since i posted last, so here goes. I have this XT125 that has been an almighty pain in the backside, it wouldn't run properly so its been stripped and rebored and rebuilt. Second kick of th starter, and the end of the shaft broke off, which was frustrating. I have changed the kickstart shaft, but it seems the small lug in the crank casing that makes the starter spring back has broken off. I have found some casings online for sale, but the engine number i have doesn't seem to look like any of the others, ie mine starts X12V- rather than the 15
  4. Hi All, Apologies for making my first post a beg, but im having some real issues with this 2002 650 Dragstar im helping a firend with. It all started when the Datatag alarm that was fitted to it started playing up, and going off randomly. When we traced the cabling to try and remove the faulty unit, its connected to a bunch of black with white square cables in the battery compartment, none of which are labellled, and all blocks that may have been there appear to be cut off. The workshop manual shows nothing of these cables that i can see, and when checking them with
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