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Yamaha YBR125 - Fires up in neutral, but dies the second it goes into gear???


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I have a “08” Plate, Yamaha YBR125 bike which occasionally decides its going to play up! I will try to start it using the electric start & it fires up/turns over, but as soon as I put it into gear, the bike dies on me, & the battery warning light will flash for a few seconds. I will then try to re-start it by putting it back into neutral, followed by starting it by the electric start but again it fires up/turns over in neutral, but the second I put it into gear whether it be first gear or skipping directly to second gear the bikes dies on me. I have tried kick-starting it whilst its in gear but all I get is the flash of the battery light, but no firing of the engine, however if I leave it anything from 10-30 minutes, I can then start it as normal by the electric start…..???

I am a complete novice when it comes to bikes, but if I had to guess, might it be the spark plugs or starter engine causing the problem thus requiring replacement???

Thank-you in advance for your time in this matter…..


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No much of a "hello", more a workshop question.

Assuming they clutch works fine normally when it starts, I would say that the sidestand safety switch might be faulty or earthing out.

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Hi Phil, Welcome to the YOC, as above really, you should get the electrics checked (or do it yourself) just make sure that the side stand switch is working an easy job just check all the wires are connected and clean then try again, if that don't work ask your local bike shop to look at it for you. Otherwise buy the manual (haynes or whatever) and learn how to do it yourself, lots of satisfaction in sorting your own faults, if you have a mate or whatever that is willing to go through it with you all the better. :jossun:

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