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how to tell Vstar 650 classic or custom?

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I'm brand new to the website and forum and I already have a question!

My 2001 VStar 650 is in the shop getting new tires and fork dust seals. A friend in TN is sending me a Memphis Shades windshield but no mounting hardware. I need to order the hardware but there is a difference between the Classic and Custom and I don't know which one is my bike (the manual is on the bike).

Is there an easy way to tell which model is mine? I searched the 'net for VIN number decoders but didn't find how the VIN will tell me which bike I have. The VIN is JYAVM01E51A034110 if that helps.

I'm glad to be here and I look forward to spending some time here and on the road.

Thanks, Tamara.

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Mine has 'classic' on the front mudguard - fender? ;) . It is also heavier than the custom and has the 650A reference.

Someone will be along soon with the definitive answer.

And welcome.

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Look at the rear mudgard (fender in US terms).

If it curves down slightly then flicks up at the back, then it's a Custom

If it curves all the way down, then it's a Classic.

Look at the rear indicators (turn signals).

If they're mounted directly either side of the mudguard, it's a Custom.

If they're on a seperate bar, near the rear brake light, it's a Classic.

If the mudguard is plastic, it's a Custom.

If it's metal, it's a Classic.

An easy way is a Google Image search for each.

Side by side, the differences are stark!!

Forks are different sizes, mudgards are shaped differently, indicator placement is different, as are the headlights.

In general, Classics look bigger, have different parts (seats, bars etc) and have more metal bits.

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told you an expert would be along soon! :)

Where, where?

Did I miss him, already?

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