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  1. Absolutely do not touch the pipes even after 15 mins running. You will take your fingerprints off - ask me how I know.
  2. You might get a response if posted in the workshop section - AFTER a proper introduction in the new members area. Just sayin'
  3. It is nothing to do with the EU. It's a Cameroons Government idea. A government spokesperson said "We are committed to improving safety for young drivers and reducing their insurance costs - that is why we are publishing a Green Paper later in the year setting out our proposals. This will include a discussion about how people learn to drive." As a Green paper it is unlikely to become policy any time soon and certainly not before an election.
  4. You may want to check that they don't flatten your battery. I seem to recall the charge with lights on is fairly minimal - hence the poor light. Adding more lights can take this into a situation where the battery is discharging.
  5. My bike has the paperwork to say it is restricted - and it was via the 'washers' inserted between the carbs. To remove them you need to get the tank off and then take the carbs off, I can't be arsed to even check if they are still there as it will still get to indicated 85 which is fine for me.
  6.     Sounds like the screen is too low. Are there any more holes in the attachment frame that allow you to move it up a bit? There was in mine and it made all the difference. cheers
  7. There is only 16 litres (3.52 imp gals) of fuel in a Classic with 3L (0.66 imp gals) being reserve. So if you get to reserve having done 130 miles that's around 45 mpg. This is about what I get from mine if I ride it nicely.
  8. PeterC

    YBR grips

    Might need your power supply uprating.
  9. PeterC

    650 Dragstar

    My draggy came with a certificate to say it was restricted but I have never looked so no idea if it actually is. Seems to go ok so not too bothered about taking them off - and it may be a selling point some time in the future.
  10. Thank you TM for finding it and Giz for providing it - I couldn't find it before.
  11. You also need to check if it will still charge the battery with all the lights on. Someone did a piece on here showing how little charge is left if you start adding lights to a 650 XVS And what Ttaskmaster said - do an intro
  12. PeterC

    Man Hole Locations

    If they do the work in April they aren't spending this years money as they wouldn't get the bill in until May earliest. If you understand sewers can't be relocated how is putting a ten foot bit of pipe in going to help - the inspection cover has to be directly over the drain run. Just carry on doing what you are doing - keep a good lookout in all weathers not just because of rain as you said in your first post and remember mud, leaves and horse sh*t are just as dangerous
  13. I think that you have been particularly generous Ttm but then you went and spoit it by casting nasturtiums :ylflower: re the merits of your Custom v Classic. My Classic was first registered as new in 2007 so they may have stopped in 2008 but as Ttm said, loads around when I bought it 3 years ago and still today if you bother to look.
  14. or you could just search the forums - there has been loads of discussion about this
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