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  1. thanks drew. not sure what to do yet, whether to buy bowls(40 + from usa), and try them, or buy the correct !!! set(near 200, from the usa).
  2. well I've been doing some searching, and discovered that there off a 80/81 xs400, and found bowls to fit, but will these work ok, I wonder. the jets in the carbs are correct for the bike, but not sure of the slides. also found 3 sets of carbs, correct for the bike, at 145. including shipping/postage from the good old US of A, and will have to strip and clean.
  3. thanks drew I thought you would come to the rescue. graham
  4. Hi peeps. I have a 78 xs250 I restored, from early on, I intended to convert to a 400. I purchased a set of 400e carbs(well I was told they where, or sold as) some time ago, any way, after stripping the motor, and commenced the change over,that seamed to go ok. and now got to the carbs, something is not right, it appears, its either the float cover chamber is wrong or the carbs. on checking the parts book I have,the part No.2A2-14984-01, which didn't look correct, so had to order p/n 2a2-11351-00, with the hole in it.. the float chamber I have looks like the correct, from the Parts book. so can anyone shed any light on this, please check photos. PS hope it all makes sense. thanks graham sorry unable to edit with an arrow.the first , bottom right hole, not the screw hose.
  5. if any one is interested contact me, up for sale, is a set of carbs,cylinder and head, all had been vapor cleaned, before fitting. cylinder-honed, and on standard pistons,with new pins,clips,rings, gaskits,seals, O-rings. cylinder head- fitted with new valve guides, valve re-seated, new tappet cover O-rings,valve stem oil seals, tacho drive oil seal,spark plugs,cam shaft oil seal. Carbs- parts have been zinc plated,and fitted with new diaphragms, float gaskets, plunger seals , starter body seals,butterfly seals will include a spare set of carbs in bits,not complete thou. all new parts were gen Yamaha all the above have done, a 1000 miles since they were fitted. Reason for sale, putting a 400cc set up on all off and ready for collection or post. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291348466424?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 picture of bike when items first fitted
  6. 4strokertwin

    xs parts

    for sale plus p&p. 2 handle bar mount washers, P/N 90209-12151 £5.00 NOS Gen Yamaha XS250/400 rear inner mudguard, part number 1U4-21620-00 £ 30.00 NOS 1L9-82508-80 ignition switch xs250 xs400, £ 30.00
  7. Ive got a new valve for sale, but not sure if exhaust or inlet. if your interrested, i will check. graham
  8. japbikefest 2 2014 Sunday 14th September 10am until 5pm check the link http://www.vjmc.com/japbikefest/
  9. the main problem is has a very large garden, and its like a jungle, he's got to hack his way through, or it could be his age, and forgot what he went there for.
  10. Hi peeps, In need of a left hand mirror for my 1978 XS, the one with chrome stem and black section at the glass end, in good condition, to put on my recently finished bike, it doesn't need to be perfect, as Ive put back on the existing right hand one.
  11. Ok 2 pints then, extra pint for me and Mervin, I cant be bothered to chop up the other one, I may send it off, or one of the other one's, to be checked ,if the windings OK, I'll have old wires replaced, from the coil windings, if that's possible, and keep as a spare. Any way,as I had located a new old stock rectifier,on a dealers dusty shelves, and saved on doing the work my self, I've ordered it to keep as a spare. so I'm a happy chappy.
  12. Mervin is that you on the t&b vjmc site.
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