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  1. The cases come up nicely if you have the time to polish them. I like that bit too...!
  2. I have empathy here for you - I've been spending the last six weeks getting an identical one back on the road. It did arrive in much better nick, but has needed some work internally. I have been trying to keep to a limited budget (I agree with some of the comments above about spending...), but I have started to have thoughts about a café racer style makeover once it is running properly. Good luck with the project!
  3. Meaty, yes I was one of those pesky nippers on a Fizzy (1974 in Walton...)
  4. I don't think I know anyone with a bike who hasn't done this at some point...! I managed to badly sprain my ankle a few years ago, with a flip-up (spring loaded stand) doing exactly that as I dismounted.
  5. Thanks people! Sadly I do remember how "good" the XS250 was back in the seventies...
  6. Not sure if this will do it.... I think it should show a couple of pics.
  7. electric sheep


    Dave's XS250
  8. Noted drewpy - apologies for that! blackhat250... not sure how I load images - is a subscription required for that?
  9. I've started stripping down my 1978 XS250, and found a timing chain about to snap, and a bent valve... Thanks! Dave
  10. Hi all Just gone back to my biking roots with an XS250 from 78. Currently dismantling it so will no doubt be on here with some questions... Dave
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