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  1. you can get anycolour they make on the 0%, but you cant have the one on the link, thats the 09 bike, so it only comes out in 09, along with a new blue, and a new black one, plus the non uk bikes that all the supermarkets like george white and TAZ sell, they have the american colours, like the yellow and black flames. in case your a 4 year old , they normally come on the 0%
  2. haha i was till i parked my bike off road, hopefully it will be back soon. if you fancy a ride out, where do you get to? i ride an r6
  3. singy21

    2006 R6

    iv had an 07 and now got an 08, there not a handful or a pain, although on a comute you would soon get pissed off in my opinion, mine kills my wrists, arse and back if i ride at normal speeds for more than ten minutes. you need to be doing 120 to take the weight off your friggin arms. theres a ton more midrange on the 08 to 06, but still no where nr the pre 06 bike. but if you do track days, the new ones are so balanced. they feel a lot more stable than something weighing so little should.
  4. i would suggest importing one...although i forgot your left hand drive over there aint you im suprised no one does sell them over there, we have loads of dodgy dealers over here flooging u.s imported bikes, with there dodgy paint schemes, hideous reflectors all over em
  5. singy21

    New 2009 R1

    I have this crazy feeling...maybe that the 09 R1 will get released on the 09 reg plate.
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but how does locking to their lock make you bike safer? surely that means its still only the same amount to smash?
  7. i cant believe you have never seen on!!! or am i replying to a post from 2005? possibly the stupidiest bike in the world. monstrous power, but no speed. its so wierd, and nothing at all like a MT03 as fizzer says its noisy and vibey. and very much a buel contender, but im sure iv hear people on here say they dont sell it in the US, which is wierd cos i think there the main market for this kinda stuff
  8. singy21

    4th Dimension

    Has anyone ever heard of, or had any dealings with 4th dimension in shepperton. they do resprays ect,
  9. singy21

    08 R6 Pillion

    i would say remember your breaking distances.....get used to them being alot different. that had nothing to do with my slight incident yesterday by the way. lol
  10. singy21

    chain cleaning

    yep again all good stuff, best to spray it on when your not going out on the bike, cos half of it will end up on your wheel:)
  11. singy21

    08 R6 Binned

    espace driver says 100% on my side. but i think insurers tend to go with the general rule that if you couldnt stop in time for even the daftest of things, its your fault. see what equity red star say tomorrow. thing is, i wanna know either way so i can buy the bits myself. the wagon was a council one, and on there policys, they tend to just say sod it and not bother arguing the case, or thats my experience in the few incidents iv been involved with. if it is my fault, i think my insurance will be to high to bike for a few years, its bad enough now so heres hoping it works out.
  12. singy21

    08 R6 Binned

    yeah. its gonna go down as my fault....braking distance ect, but what the hell is he doing on the over side of the road on a blind bend in a hgv. they will prob just say it was me who was on the wrong side cos im a biker. he can be on any side he wants. grrr i need head lights, nose fairing, mudguard, left and right upper fairings, left hand engine casing most importantly. left hand foot peg. a clutch lever....and a some head ache tablets!
  13. singy21

    08 R6 Binned

    howdy...just been for a nice ride with my good lady on the back, her first ever ride. a wagons over took a parked car on a blind bend, coming at us, the espace in front slammed on. me too but cos of her weight the backs come up and iv hit into the back of the bugger. no one hurt, except a bit of a dead leg and so on but partner is good so thats main thing. bike isnt to bad i spose....see what insurance think of it. i reckn there just gonna blame me cos i ran in the back, thats always my reasoning. but what the hell is a wagon doing on my side of the road on a blind bend. bastard!! so got my eye on ebay, but if anyone knows of any or sees any 08 r6 bits, give us a shout please, would be most greatful. its all the front end stuff, fairings lights sub frame, mudguard. cheers guys......and again... oh bugger
  14. i was ther that day...i over took the 8 1/2 mile tail back . i dont think the cars were to impressed as it was down to one lane, and i just strolled past them all. it was mayhem, never seen an accident seen like it, the fire crew had stuff set up there that looked like it was a permenant. they had cabins and all sorts!!! i always wondered what had happened, cos i just saw a rigid parkes smashed up and stuff!
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