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  1. XJ900fTrike

    can anyone help me please

    Hi Geoff Had the same problem but there are a few on eBay
  2. XJ900fTrike

    xvs 125 you can get a bit more poke

    Hi all With regarding xvs 125 give a little more poke When I was 16 on my first moped that would also do 70- 75 on a good day My 125 would do about 110ish You will be able to find out whether it's restricted by final drive sprockets carb inlet size main jets needle height Exhaust But you must do everything not just one as doing just 1 will make the bike run lean then seize or blow up... If you have the money then get a big bore kit x lol maybe you should pop down your local tire garage and ask them to use an air wrench or a 6ft bar on the end and lightly tap the socket with a hammer to crack the seal
  3. XJ900fTrike

    Rev Your Heart

    Hi all your comments good or bad would be helpful
  4. XJ900fTrike

    YBR 125 not starting in warm weather ...

    Just an Idea Check the pump first But if won't start when hot could be an electric problem or Mixture But should be careful with this if it runs to lean for too long it will seize up
  5. XJ900fTrike

    1998 xj600 clutch problems

    It sounds like the selector forks or dog ends on the gears. Or maybe the pilot error lol They are online as Colchester Bearings or Pola Bearings they should be able to help