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  1. same here i thought you were on the wrong kind of site any way back to the prob if the bike has been sitting for a while could be a number of things like final drive chain if it has one(may have a shaft)or could be clutch or as you said tranny fault i would take the chain off first and see if you can push it back
  2. voted for the doggy all the best for your mate
  3. thanks drewpy will give that a try cheers.
  4. hi folks i'm in need of some ideas on how to clean up the aluminium (bottom section) of my front forks which have white powder like pit marks on them any suggestions ? cheers
  5. smokie

    going fishing

    sure is you just can't bet it
  6. smokie


    the tank will rust from inside out due to the water from condensation and rain sitting in this lower part of the tank, after much research , debating and ermmmmm mmmmmhhhhhhhhh ing i decided to go for prevention rather than the repair and opted for por 15. only time will tell if i have wasted time and money on this method so all i can say is do some research into which product to use (if any). i must say ; after i had done my tank the inside that i could see looked like new. i can not comment on the full fairing as i have not looked into that but maybe the lads on the xj900f forum may be able to help (http://uk.msnusers.com/yamahaxj900fownersclub/ome.msnw) i have only had my xj900f for 1 year so i am still getting to know how to fix it hope you get your finger probelm sorted ,enjoy your xj900fwhen the weather gets better
  7. smokie


    bar weights are what go in the end of the handle bars to take some or all of the vibration similar to balance weights on a road wheel as for tyres see other listing you have also relax while on your bike try not to hold on to tight . enjoy your bike i think the xj 900f is great
  8. Finally, how do I change my flag from British to English? if you go to where you got the union jack but look for estonia the english flag is estonia for some reason?????????????
  9. i had continentals on my xj900f when i first bought it and i went to a local indepentant tyre dealer who recommended a bridgstone on the front and said when i change the rear to keep them as a matched pair so i would say go for bridgestones
  10. smokie


    hi there just to let you know i have opted for the por 15 product and have just finished what it said on the tin. inside of the tank looks like new , seems to have done a good job but only time will tell
  11. hi BOF i have only had my 900f since april this year and the milage has just reached 20k so not come across this problem yet
  12. smokie


    hi there BOF have googled wassell lincoln but could not find what you are on about could you give me a link also when you do your tank let me know how it goes as i would rather seal the tank before it leaks than after, i took my 900f down to keswick in august and it went with out a hitch and only stopped for petrol it's a great bike cheers fae colin
  13. smokie


    hi alibongo sorry for not replying sooner. have you ever had any problem with your petrol tank? i hear they are prone to rusting inside and was going to drain mine this winter and put in some por 15 tank sealer http://www.frost.co.uk/productList.asp?cat...;frostCat=Tanks link above for it sounds good stuff any opinions would be welcomed
  14. http://www.frost.co.uk/item_Detail.asp?pro...=&subCatID= have a read of this link for your tank (think i'm gonna do mine soon with this)
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