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  1. Hey peeps! First post in here so nice to meet ya all! I ended up posting in this forum after trying for weeks to find a solution on the internet for my YBR125..The problem is, it wont start in hot weather... I've searched on the internet and found other peeps that have the same issue, but havent found any solution to it yet.. Someone said he replaced the fuel pump and it sorted it out..Just wondering if there's any1 out there that has a definite answer before i try this. So its an 2007 ybr 125, done 13000 miles, everything is fine, except this issue. The engine light comes up for 5 seconds as normal, but there's no noise of the fuel pump engaging (not sure if thats what that sound is). I have to put it indoors, somewhere cool for 15-20 mins and then it just starts... any input is much appreciated! d
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