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  1. Back again, anyone know where I can get the bearings from, been looking All day and can't find them, thanks
  2. Thanks for the replys and will deff check that out, deff need to treat myself to a manual. Will Let u know how it goes.
  3. Ye can't fault lorenzo, should Be a close Call, just love the way rossi fans say that stoner only won cos He Was On the duke, and look where the Dukes are now!! Big Call but simocelli will take it next year, excuse the spelling. :-)
  4. SORRY if I offended anyone with my help me message as first post, am a first time user to a forum. I have a xj600s as my first bike at 30 after 5 years of mrs saying no! Living in port talbot and love the moto gp (stoner Is king! ) I'm not a glory grabber and have liked him since He Was rinding ( or should I say falling off) the honda first time round. One more thing, "COME ON THE SWANS" now in top flight football.
  5. Thanks to mrr and Mike1949 for the advise, there Is no crunching noises from the clutch thankfully. I will definatly change them cable and go from there.
  6. Hi All, sorry about the help me message, first time forum user, as I said got a xj600 as my first bike at 30 after 5 years of my mrs saying I ain't having a bike! Fond gp follower, and this might not help but stoner Is king! Lol. Living in Port talbot. One More thing " COME ON THE SWANS". Now in tho flight football.
  7. HI All, have just bought my first big Bike, a 98 xj600s. Have riden it a few times now and seems like gear change Is getting worse. I gave it a service and new oil done it the world of good. Prob Is when I am changing down I realy have to stamp On the leaver. And also a recent thing Is when in first at the lights with clutch in, if I give it a little rev the Bike will edge forward. Tryd to adjust cable but no joy. Any ideas?
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