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  1. My son had his YBR125 stolen, but has now got it back. The thieves took out the lock barrel and I need help with how to repair it. Has anyone replaced the barrel and, if so, how difficult was it to do please? Thanks for any help. (P.S. Sorry for the poor quality photo. It started out as a reasonable photograph, but I had to save it as a really small file to allow it to be uploaded)
  2. XVS250 is a Yamaha... I have the XVS650 Custom Dragstar as a Trike.
  3. Hi everyone, Joined as I have a few Yamahas. XVS650S Custom Dragstar trike YBR125 (Sold to my Son but recently stolen) MT-07 Tracer MT-09 Tracer Looking for advice on second hand MT-03 as a friend of mine is interested in getting one. Probably the 660cc version. Cheers - Dave
  4. Thanks. Didn't want to create a new post where another might do.
  5. A friend of mine is interested in a late 2007 MT-03 and I wonder what to look out for to look out for problems please? How would you tell, visually, if the cush drive is on its way out please?
  6. Hi all, A mate of mine has just bought a Virago 535 (don't know the year yet but I'll find out) and he thinks the indicators are flashing a bit fast. Is there an adjustment anywhere please? I've looked at some basic schematics and it looks like it's all done inside the relay unit. Thanks - Dave
  7. Hi, and good luck with the restoration. Dave
  8. Welcome Natejbrown. Can't help with a manual for your bike, but I'm new to biking as well. Good luck with the practice. Dave
  9. Well done Drewpy. :-) I've been trying to find my scout shirt with my Queens Scout badge on it. Must have gone awol in one of the house moves along the way.
  10. Oh, I do as often as I can. It's just that the instructor describes himself as 'not a biker' so not sure that he'd be happy with me keep nodding back when I'm being trained. :-)
  11. I find a fair number of other riders nod if I'm on the YBR125 or the trike. I've even had a few nods whilst under the supervision of an instructor, which is a bit awkward as I'm not sure if he would be very pleased if I kept nodding back. ;-)
  12. This is Mavis, my YBR125 (I've had to reduce the picture size a lot as I'm currently only allowed 92kB)
  13. I've added a YBR125 to the garage and am busily practicing for the Module 1 and 2 tests, This is Esme, my XVS650 Drag star trike. I'll have to upload the picture of the YBR125 to another post.
  14. Morseman

    MOT and CBT

    I didn't see this post before I decided on the YBR125. It really is just a round town bike that I need, that will get me through the MOD 1 and 2 tests.
  15. Morseman

    MOT and CBT

    Cheaper might be better, Lallasro, It'll be just for training as I have a trike for longer trips. Thanks for the advice.
  16. Morseman

    MOT and CBT

    I managed to complete my CBT yesterday and the trike passed its MOT today, so it's been a good week even if I did have to drive to Scotland and back for work. I might think about getting a cheap 125 so that I can practice for the full test on L plates, but not sure what to get. Any advice on good learners bikes. Yamaha, of course. ;-)
  17. Here's some pictures of my Dragstar trike. (Just found that there's a limit of 0.49MB so have had to make them quite small so as to keep within the guidelines)
  18. Thanks for the advice. I'll see how I get on as I get used to the gear changes. I did see a chrome surround that had a clamp for attaching the gear indicator to the handlebars, but they don't ship to the UK, so I would need to think about where the indicator would be fixed as well... Anyway, I'll save the instructions for removing the tank for future use. Thanks.
  19. Thanks Ttaskmaster, Hoping that the weather wont be as bad as predicted for the weekend so that I can take it out again.
  20. -- .- -. -.-- / - .... .- -. -.- ... .-.-.- / -- ..- -.-. .... / .- .--. .--. .-. . -.-. .. .- - . -.. .-.-.- / -.. . / --. ----- -.. .--- .- Maybe we should stop the Morse code now? Otherwise I'll connect my Begali Intrepid to the throttle of the Drag Star and start sending CQ using a bug key...
  21. I realize that I am resurrecting an old thread, so please excuse me for that, but I'm thinking of fitting a gear indicator to a Drag Star VSX650 that I have just bought. Being new to changing gear with my foot, I'm struggling with knowing which gear that I'm in (Yes, I can count up to 5 but I do get a bit lost when I change down a couple of times and then up and then back down again!) So, is this way of removing the tank any good for getting at the wiring loom? Thanks
  22. I've not seen the one about the guitar yet, but Yamaha did make a lot of musical instruments as well, of course. I'm used to having the piss taken out of me, I am a Brummy after all. ;-) Thanks, I've got the Rugby on the TV at the moment and the Haynes manual for the XVS650 open at the page on the various maintenance procedures. I've even been back out to the garage to check on where the oil level display is (that's part of the CBT as well, I know). I can now go and tell my CBT trainer that some bikes do have to be warm before you check the oil level. I knew I remembered that from friends of mine who had bikes 'back in the day'. ;-) --... ...-- Morseman
  23. I'm also new to this forum, but this does sound like a really good idea. I live in Derbyshire, not far from J29a of the M1 but would be willing to drive if I could help anyone. Not sure how much use I'll be at the moment, being new to Yamahas and biking/triking, but I was an electrical engineer and used to have to repair my own cars when I was young and had no money. (No change there then now I'm older!) So, I'll offer my help if it's needed within the South Yorkshire/North Derbyshire/North Nottingham area if it's of any use? --... ...-- Morseman
  24. Hi, I'm Dave, but I use the name Morseman because, in another hobby, I use Morse Code a lot. I've just bought my first Yamaha. It's a V reg XVS650 Drag Star. However, it is a trike, not a bike. I did do a search before posting this fact just to make sure that trikes were welcome on the forums. ;-) Not having ever passed the bike test, it was the only way, other than going through all the hoops to get a full bike licence, that I could ride. I have had a full car licence since I was 17, way back in 1979. I'm going to get my CBT and I might decide to carry on to a full bike licence, I'll see how I go with a two wheeled machine. I'll post my questions in the various other areas of the forums. Thanks for letting me join. --... ...-- Morseman
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