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  1. Just like everything else pal, there is the good then there is the shit stuff unfortunately garages would rather palm you off with the shit and charge you for the good stuff. You don't realise it's shit until it fails Ken
  2. Sometimes I so things right at the time but when I look back I can't remember if I done it right lol - it's old age creeping in! Hopefully it is just cheap gasket and not a warped head!! Fingers crossed for you pal Ken
  3. It is really easy to swap the head gasket take your time I didn't have a torque wrench either I just put all the nuts on and tightened them up finger tight and nipped them up with socket in a cross pattern just giving them 1/2 turns then finally a 1/4 turn when they tighten right up. Not sure if that's the right way but I have 600+ miles on the topend now Ken
  4. Could it not be case that after a couple of heat cycles head nuts need nipping up? My dt has put 600 miles on a metal Athena head gasket with no issues and it also replaced a metal one previously installed! Ken
  5. the power of a 2t is higher up the rev range, i let a few pals of mine ride the dt and they change gear before the powervalve opened 6k rpm basicly riding it like a thumper i keep telling them to get the revs up always the same response "i dont want to damage the engine" i dont redline mine every where but i atleast get the powerband as thats where the power is you keep going up the gears without touching the power band your little 125 wont pull very well and you would end up going back down the gears. i come out of my street and there is a hill so she gets 9-10k rpm up through the gears i f i go lower say 7k i would get to 3rd then have to drop to second and give it more beans. ride it like you stole it!!!!! ken
  6. kenDAWG

    New Bike :D

    6ft 2 on a 50cc? Jesus I bet that was interesting going up hills in the wind lol! Any 125 coming from a 50 is going to be an improvement for sure, even better at that price. Ken
  7. Give the powervalve a good clean up also, I was going to smooth mine out a little but my dremel gave up the ghost! Ken
  8. Hey people I'm after the above an maybe a downloadable workshop manual!! Would really appreciate it!! Links or what have you-anything will do as long as its readable Gonna buy proper manual but I could do with temporary measures for now!!! Thanx a lot Ken
  9. Don't worry about the sound its performance I would worry about how does that differ? Ken
  10. To be honest I have no idea! It's a 2003 dtr... Ken
  11. Yeh pal choke is connected, its a strange one I know! I've done something stupid haven't I because I'm a dumbass Ken
  12. Not yet pal I'm gonna have to do that tomorrow! I'm just going by what the engine is doing I was looking at ideas in what could be the cause. Was working before I decided to fine tune the carb which needed most of the plastics and the tank off so I think somewhere I've either nipped a wire or shorted something out! Kinda need it for work, I have to get lifts until I can sort it Cheers Ken
  13. It's getting initial spark but no follow on to keep it going! Floatbowl fills the furling is there just the electric side Ken
  14. Well after messing with my bike and putting it together with a few tweaks to carb a new set of clocks she won't start ill give you breed description. Turn key Powervalve cleaning cycle completed Choke on Kick It fires once, fumes out of exhaust Stops This happens every time I kick tried bumping etc Am I right in thinking there is a break in the circuit from the stator? Maybe pickup? Ideas anyone? Just fitted a new battery aswell Cheers Ken
  15. I ran mine in for about 200miles, riding like a bitch stopping away from the power band and just going up and down the rev range gentle like no problems up to now Ken
  16. I've use the oil pumps on my nsr and dt without any problems what so ever! Ken
  17. You need a compression tester to be accurate on that one, pull the plug out and hav a look at the colour!!! While the bike is idle and you give it a little flick of the throttle does the revs linger then drop? Try looking for a downloadable Haynes manual for the original settings but that won't help you much if the bike has been derestricted. Do the older dt's have powervalves + servos? Ken
  18. Just ordered the battery today so won't be here until about Wednesday Power valve has always been good it just feels weird at high rpm like its not firing right 3rd gear 30mph steady away open throttle 1/2 turn "burrrrrrwahhhhhhh" roll throttle slowly you can increase speed 8k rpm "burrrrrrwahhhhhhh" I'm fighting the bike trying to keep revs up for next gear change otherwise you drop out of powerband Ill have to give this new battery a whirl then repost Cheers Ken
  19. Plug is light brown main jet is a 240... Really hate messin with carbs but ill read anything that helps!! Cheer lads Ken
  20. Welcome! Yes you are not the average member here and I'm interested In you little mission but I wanna know What makes you think when you find it that the owner wants to sell it? Ken
  21. Urgh I get it all pulled back apart set the carb back then turn the key power valve cleaning cycle going slow and laboured! Battery has decided its time for retirement, so I'm guessing when I changed the carb settings before and tried to start it the battery was at fault and not the settings. So put the clip down one again and ordered a new gel battery so ill find out how it goes in a couple of days. Grrrrrr pisses me off Ken
  22. I agree car dealers are dodgy bastards I hope bike dealers don't end up like them but to be fair I will always by my bike's from private sellers unless a friend can recommend/or knows person running the shop. As for back tracking on the warranty it prob has more to do with the fact that Suzuki are feeling the pinch and need to cut back on some costs Ken
  23. Now it won't fire up... All I get it is a sound "tin tin blurgh"..... Choke on/off - little/no throttle - air box blocked up a little dam it I've drained through petrol to see if carb is filling up and yes it is. Think ill have to put the clip back to normal then try air screw Which way will richen mixture a little? Cheers Ken
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