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  1. Hi all, I had these goggles bought for me as a gift from the loving missus last year, she got them on a trip to Vegas for me... I hadn't even heard of them until then, but you can get them here (probably cheaper than she got them bless her)... http://www.liquidimageco.com/products/model-367-impact-series-hd1080p I have them in black, with the clear lens and tear off lenses. I would highly recommend these goggles to anyone to use for recording their daily ride for safety and insurance purposes, or for anyone who wants to take them out and abuse them... like I do... The picture and sound quality from them is amazing, as good as any Go-Pro video I've seen! But, what makes these better than the Go-Pro's in my opinion is the fact that they give a true "eye view" so what I see is what you see in the video, and theres no camera hanging off the top or side of your helmet waiting to be smashed to pieces when you whip past a tree or fall off and head plant!! The battery lasts ages and stays charged even when stored, I took mine out the other day after being left for a couple of months in the box and they still had 75% battery... I find them very easy to use, they only have two buttons and a little LCD screen inside accompanied by two LED's for the two different modes. They use a Micro-SD card so expanding the memory is easy... BUT, there are a couple of downers to this brilliant bit of kit... I am "of small stature" so I only have a small helmet and the goggles (due to the battery and processers hanging out of either side) are just a little too wide to sit "snugly" inside the helmet gap and onto my face like a standard set of goggles would... this doesn't bother me because they do seal against crap getting in but they just don't feel like a normal set of goggles.. if that makes sense Also the battery compartment, the door to the compartment pushes shut and then a slide lock keeps it in place,, this is fine but I have a habit that when I put the goggles on I always unlatch the door, which wont cause any trouble all the time the goggles are on, but as soon as you remove them the battery falls straight out, and if you didn't stop recording with the button, everything you had will now be lost.. including the battery because it is one of those things that just dissapears under the bike somewhere.. Apart from that as mentioned before I would highly recommend these to anybody, I will upload a video to YouTube to show you the quality of them soon... Thanks
  2. Hi all, Just an update of where I am after six months of no posts on this thread... NOWHERE!!! No time or money for this bike, now got a sprog on the way so its looking worse for it! I have also taken on another DT which has eaten into my time massively when I didn't want it to, I'll get some pic's and get em on another thread soon.. I will be working on it before the baby comes so the next 6 months should be a bit more exciting for anyone whos interested... Thanks...
  3. Right, just so that I'm sure, your advising against it then? lol... Thanks for the reply...
  4. Yes I know about clutchless change, I've ridden all of my mx bikes like it and the DT was no different, just wondered how much difference this thing would make...
  5. Hi all, Have been looking around for a few bits to buy once the DT is built, seen and heard a lot about these but wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with them.. apparently it allows you to keep the throttle held open and change up through the gears.. I would like some more info because they're over £200 and if it don't work as promised then its a lot down the tube.. This is the only place I can find them: https://www.cisport.co.uk/Product-Detail_/pg%5Fbp%5Fcle%5Fdep/CDASC23B Thanks
  6. We will see when the time comes, got a couple of more important things to do first.. like getting it running again lol.. Thanks for the reply..
  7. I wish I had known: Trees, no matter how hard you try, don't move much when you hit them... Things I wish I had done: Not hit an oak tree on my first kx65 after coming on the powerband on the exit of a corner, jumping out of the burm flying about 10 feet then smack... Apart from that I pretty much knew it all!
  8. Thanks for the reply; I think I am going to need to put "more" foam on than I take off, because I want to basically raise the centre of the set up to make it give a nice line through the mudguard and tank, like the newer yz's do... Any advice for sticking the foam together, any special glues etc?
  9. Basically there's not much that does, not easily anyway...
  10. Is it spluttering or jerking around at all?
  11. Check your jetting settings, bad pilot and/or needle jetting will cause a loss of power at low/medium revs...
  12. Have you checked the oil level? not enough oil sitting for that long would make it stick together...
  13. As already mentioned, check the kill switch, mine always gets stuck and I have to bang it on and off a few times, then the bike will start...
  14. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea of how I could make the seat on my DT more like a YZ seat I.e. a flat seat rather than dipped in the middle..I just want to see how it looks, probably won't look right but has to be done now I've got it in my head... Thanks
  15. That pipe is part of the EGR system, returns exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber to lower the overall emission output of the bike, good for emissions, not good for the engine, mine has been removed, due to the DEP pipe being fitted... No harm for the bike removing it, but if you do, plug up the hole in the exhaust and check your jetting as it may affect it! Danny
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