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  1. JonnyD

    New Bike :D

    dont get me started on hills haha, it was worse before i changed my piston and sprockets, id get to about 25 uphill in the wind haha then about 30 with new sprockets just cant wait to get on my 125 xD
  2. JonnyD

    New Bike :D

    tbh im just happy upgrading from a 50, im 6ft2 and it feels the right height really comfy and just got it back from the garage after having a check up on it, and its in great running and structual order so no complaints really haha, just gotta wait for my insurance to come through then i can decide if its good to ride
  3. JonnyD

    exhaust help

    true that mate, if not i can easilly get £150 for it on ebay hahaha
  4. JonnyD

    exhaust help

    i got given a free stainless steel 125 4t exhaust for a shineray bike and was just wondering if it'd work on my ybr 125, the piping and fittings look the same?
  5. JonnyD

    New Bike :D

    its 500 because the guy buys all his bikes them from police acution, he only buys the working ones tho, he buys them for like 200 then sells for about 500, some really nice bikes, other day he had a cbr 125 2010 and my mate got that, so its all good
  6. JonnyD

    New Bike :D

    thanks alot mate, making me even more eger haha, a couple of my mates have them and they say its a great bike, especcialy for the price im paying haha
  7. JonnyD

    New Bike :D

    im selling my tzr50 tomorrow for £800 and then buying a red 2011 Yamaha YBR 125 for £500 on saterday, whats your views on the YBR? speed, reliability, miles etc?
  8. just for you sparky http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261160333290?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  9. the only way i can really describe it as a door, when the key is off the door is closed but when the key is on the door is open, then when you hit start, it sends the power through the relay, then when it hits the relay, it powers the bike, the remote start acts as a kill switch witch is controlled by the key fob. im sorry for the bad description, iv had like 3 hours sleep haha. hope it helps
  10. Name: Yamaha TZR50 (2003) Date Added: 05 March 2013 - 12:32 AM Owner: JonnyD Short Description: My Custom Yamaha TZR50, New Piston, sprockets and chain, carbon fiber engine casing, Red Metallic Hand Grips, Blue to Black Color Change, Streetfighter Fairing, remote start and alarm View Vehicle
  11. i put the choke on when i leave the bike, then itll start in the morning when i turn it on, but usually it takes like 2-3 attempts, but about mid day, when its warmer you wont need choke, it starts first time, and iv had it installed for about 3 weeks and it hasn't changed my battery status,it takes up a tiny part of the power so its fine, and if you want a 2 way alarm like the spy then yeah go ahead haha but this was only £15 on ebay and it does the job pretty damn well, want the link?
  12. i tried it to see what would happen just incase i did leave it in gear, what happens is it'll fuck up your starter motor, without the clutch pulled in what it does is tries to spin the gears thus making the bike move, the stater motor doesnt have the power, it could start but your just looking at a fallen bike with a fucked up starter motor
  13. i wouldnt think so, it runs off your starter motor, if your bike has an electric start, i garantee with the correct wireing it will work but i wouldnt see how it would work with a kick start, sorry mate
  14. i just use it to prep the engine before i go anywhere
  15. haha yeah i read up on all of the safety first haha, still funny shitting up kids as they look at it then it magically starts haha
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