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  1. i also like it... but to be fair the exhaust kinda spoils it a little for me -!
  2. mines the 03 dtr, brilliant little bike! got the full dep,up jetted and smaller indicators on apart from that she is stock... first bike i have had where i didnt need to spend loads on it the only thing i want now is the full wrap around handgaurds then im done!! cheers ken
  3. too late pal i already have one now, cost me £90 my advice to you "bang it on ebay there selling for upto £140" cheers ken
  4. to be fair pal the snow on the roads is just slush and black ice around here but its started to snow again, was about 6inchs deep the other day though... ken
  5. well i wanted to try the sm wheels on mine also but i think ill get hooked on the green laining and stick to the knobblies can be my excuse to get out on a sunday.... what year dt you got? any pics? ken
  6. hello there and welcome!!!! good little bikes the dt's pal - im just about to wrap mine in some michelin AC10's ready for some green laining just waiting for the piss poor weather to do one ken
  7. you know what ive just ordered a set of AC10's, they look the most usefull offroad tyres... i remember seeing someone with them AC10 tyres on there drz and i honestly thought he was riding with illegal tyres on so to be honest the extra 30min googling has paid off for me. i am also under the impression they wont last as long on the road as the tkc 80's/tw301's but hey ho ill be smiling on them lanes ooooooh yaaaaas ken
  8. Which ones would you advise for green laining bud? Ken
  9. Aye but the Russians are geared up for there conditions! We run out of salt because of penny pinching councils if there was more gritters/ploughs on the road people would be able to get to school and work!!! Ken
  10. Is there any others that offer better offroad traction? I do like the look of the conti's but the tread seems a little close and I'm wondering if they would have good results Cheers Ken
  11. hello im looking at some decent tyres for some enduro, i currently have a pair of Heidenau tyres on that are rated as enduro, the rear is a cats paw and cost me £75 which isnt too bad and the front is not a cats paw tread and the grip is terrible to a point i wont go green laining while i have that tyre on. ive decided to get rid of them both in favour of some tyres more geared towards offroading there are a few different kinds ive been looking at but i do like the look of the continental tkc80's. can anyone shine some light in the quality for green laining in damp conditions, going to drop £140 on these 2 tyres and i want to know if there any good. any other tyres to consider fire away. cheers ken
  12. kenDAWG

    Tesco Burgers

    I agree with above, we had a local butchers until the coop took over they went bump and now all I have is water injected meat that shrinks to a 1/4 of its bought size!!! I couldn't give a fuck about horse being in my burgers but I will draw the line at human and insects lol
  13. kenDAWG

    Tesco Burgers

    I've got some Tesco burgers in the freezer, and there off!!!
  14. Too far for you but I have a 2 bike trailer which has been modified to take a child's motocross bike on the middle. Only wanting £130 for it I think one of the mudguards has been damaged but its a good trailer with number board It's got 2 rails with anchor points and also a front wheel brace. Cheers Ken
  15. Keep your distance from other vehicles, also be extra aware of people pulling out in front of you as your ability to brake hard will be somewhat have disappeared obviously depending on the road surface!! Try not to ride early morning/late night as this is when mr Jack Frost has done his worst. In all honesty just take your time and be extra vigilant... Cheers Ken
  16. I want a drz aswell, I thought with them being so slow it would make it into the A2 class.... Well if its less than 4hp over the power to weight ratio then I'm sure I could make it work out just a little more cost involved now Ken
  17. Sounds like its going to be a quick dt!! Lookin forward to the finished article Ken
  18. Yeh the new rules are a right ball ache, I nearly give myself a good hiding yesterday getting stressed out trying to find out what bike I could get!! I just want something enduro and small ish enough poke for green laining and enough torque to pull my asse up hill @ 70mph with out the sound of hell being sucked though my filter and a screeming banshee in my exhaust ( that's what my dtr sounds like trying to keep a steady 70mph) We will get there in the end Ken
  19. I don't understand why they messed on with the test system to the extent they have done! Was the old system failing? Or was there a need to change with bikes becoming more powerful? Cheers Ken
  20. Ah I get you! Love it how they make it easy to understand lol Thank for your patients pal I'm sure after I study this thread over and over it will sink in hahahaha Cheers Ken
  21. Wow that A2 license does seem to give poor amount of bike choice that's a little bit of a downer for me Ken
  22. Yeh I think I'm going to swerve the 2 strokes there a little frowned upon around where I live people here me going up the bank on my dt and they think I'm going 100mph lol. I guess I'm just going to have to try a few out see what I like! Isn't there a hp to weight limit on the A2 license? Cheers Ken
  23. Now that is some useful information! Cheers for that Ken
  24. I know what you are saying but if I say that I lack confidence on bigger bikes and to be fair I don't want a bigger bike I would be happy with a 250-350cc trail bike. I can understand what you guys are saying and it does make sense but I'm the kinda person that has to work my way up. Whole reason I got my cbt was to learn the roads and get used to 2 wheels before the next step, I don't have a car license so it's a bigger learning curve for me really.... Cheers Ken
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