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  1. Did not look too bad but am going to strip the clutch again and check plates
  2. Just a thought if the steel plates were warped would that cause a judder
  3. because I thought it may solve the problem
  4. Hi cynic yes I did check the basket for ridges,the friction plates are new and were soaked for 24 hours. the bike seems to judder as you release the clutch then grabs .also the clutch cable is new.
  5. Hi All Yam fans I am hoping someone can resolve this one I have Just bought a dt175mx and have found when I pull away the clutch is grabbing on and off as I release it and its bloody awfull.I have changed the friction plates and Springs And it still does it. Any ideas lads and lasses would be appreciated.
  6. Easy to fix just replace the clip behind the choke plunger spring yamaha part number 3531413800 about £1.50 from yamaha
  7. what are you going to replace the rivets with simon
  8. yep I replaced the main thrust bush bearing on the rebuild .it must be something ti do with those main rivets as they seem loose At a glance i think yambits do them for the rds only
  9. cheers kev any idea where I could get the kit.
  10. johnnytheboy

    Vince Richer

    Yamaha XT600 43F fully restored .money pit. This was the last of the kickstart only models and I think the best looking version.
  11. Thanks Slice the ball bearing is in there but I am going to strip it anyway what a pain in the arse.
  12. Hi all yam fans I have just finished a full restoration on my 79 dt175mx .all was well until the first test ride .when you pull away the clutch seems to judder and also it will rattle when the clutch is released and in idle. As soon as you pull the clutch in the noise goes away. I did notice on the engine rebuid that there is play in the main rivets going throught the clutch basket only when you twist it side to side.there was no ridges or grooves in the slots in the basket either. Any dt fans come across this one
  13. Many thanks mervin I ordered from that site and a good price for tyres
  14. Still having trouble sourcing tyres for this bike i.e Heidenau 400 x 18 and the front tyre 2.75 x 21 which model tyre is it of this make and who has them ?. If not what are bridgestone trailwings in the block pattern like. Many thanks for any help.
  15. Thats a nice bike What about the bridgestone TW24 which has the block tread and will a 4.00 x 18 fit into a 175mx swinfing arm.
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