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  1. just done a compression test on my 1979 xs 250...left bore 120 psi...right bore 160 psi..is that good or bad.... advice please guys.
  2. Hi guys, my 1979 xs250 is running rich,sooty plugs,should i try adjusting ,the mixture screw,the manuel says 1 to 2 turns out,can i try bringing them out a bit more,what do you think.
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    Thanks for that Cynic
  4. small paul

    My 1979 XS 250

  5. small paul


    Hi guys, when I fuel up my XS 250 will I need to use an additive i.e. lead replacement etc.
  6. small paul

    My XS 250

  7. Hi guys and gals i got me a fairly clean 1979 xs 250, i used to ride RD 250/400 back in the day but a bit too pricey for me, as i've not worked or owned a 4 stroke before i might need some help keeping this nearly 40 year old bike running ok.
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