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  1. I figured out what it was. It was the connector on the coil which I used as the feed for the tacho. The connector was loose so I just squashed it a bit and problem solved.
  2. I did have but got rid of it about a month ago. Actually I'll make sure to check the connectors on the coil because that's where I connected the tacho. I earthed the cable directly to the frame under the bolt for the radiator bracket.
  3. No Iv'e derestricted it and im pretty sure thats not the problem. I remember what it felt like riding it restricted and this is differrent. It wants to rev more but it just cant whereas when it was restricted the bike felt like it was redlining at 7k rpm.
  4. It starts at around 7k rpm and its a 2007 dt125x.
  5. It started a few days after Christmas. I've gone through a few tanks worth of petrol since it started.
  6. I can answer some of these now. The plug is a light brown colour, I think it's okay. As far as I know the spark is decent but I'll check properly soon. The bike has just broke 10k miles but it's only done at most 2000 miles since the top end was rebuilt. I checked the filter fairly recently and it was clean but I'll check that again. I'm also pretty sure the reeds and exhaust are okay but I'll make sure.
  7. Within the last couple of weeks my dt125 has started stuttering around when you reach the powerband. It also jerks forward a bit while it stutters. I haven't changed anything on the bike recently so I don't know why this has stared happening. Just yesterday I took the carb off and cleaned it out as I thought the main jet might be getting blocked but that didn't solve the problem. I have also tried multiple spark plugs. Some things I have noticed: it doesn't do it nearly as bad if at all when the bike hasn't yet reached full temperature, so for the first minute after pulling away the bike feel
  8. I was riding the bike again today and the starting issue is still there. The bike runs good but I can definitely hear a whistle or whine when I rev it up. I've tried the wd40 and still can't find anything though.
  9. That was the idea yeah. I've just gone for ride since turning the powervalve the correct way up and it's so much better (it would be wouldn't it lol). I would say more power than before the rebuild. The popping seems to have gone but the starting issue is still there. Now I'm questioning if there is a leak, surely if there was it wouldn't run really well and there would be some other issues. I can't think what that sound may be though, definitely wasn't there before. I'll try wd40 though.
  10. Hasn't got a kick start. Not sure about a vacuum fuel tap. I've just let the bike warm up and gave it a couple of revs. I can hear a fizzle sound when I rev it. It gets more noticeable the higher you rev it. I've tried going around the head, base, carb, intake, exhaust with a propane torch but I can't find a leak anywhere. I can say for a fact that the fizzle sound was not there before the rebuild.
  11. Yes, it's just the first 30 seconds when the bike is cold that it will die if you let the revs drop below 3k.
  12. If there was a leak at the head or base, would there be crap running out? because the head and base are clean. Also turns out my pv was upside down lol, just fixed that and the bike revs better, but it still had the starting issue so the bad things I listed in the first post aren't all caused by one problem. I'm going try and find a propane torch so I can test for air leaks. 2 Stroke feed is good, I bled it straight after "the accident". Pretty sure the fuel supply is good too.
  13. I haven't tried the old one but I've had 2 new plugs in it since the rebuild and neither changed the way it was running.
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