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  1. OH OH just ordered a cable from Wemoto, hope mine fits
  2. The La Ronde has gone now mate, been empty for a long time but the curly ramp is still there lol, didnt go down XJ900 route as money is tight
  3. I clicked the link as curiosity got the better of me, and you are correct DO NOT TRY THIS the mistake he made was trying to wipe it with a cloth but at least some good may come out of it as if you see the pics you will definitely keep your fingers well away from a moving chain
  4. Yes I have one, its a 1989 model, just put new carb mounting rubbers on it and balanced the carbs but its still got problems and my fork seals need replacing, clutch was acting up but its a bit better now, watching a XJ900 now for a bigger grin factor lol
  5. peterb1951

    XJ600 Project

    Looks like I was sold a pup then, still that's what you get for taking the bargain route I suppose, stripped mine out anyway but plates looked good so refitted them, I think previous owner had maybe put the lever in wrong as its better than it was, not perfect but better
  6. I might be stating the obvious but I assume you have put fresh petrol in after removing as much of the old juice as you can, including the carbs if possible?
  7. Hi mate hope you find the answers you seek and have loads of fun finding it
  8. peterb1951

    XJ600 Project

    while you are on a stripping trip! if you decide to check your clutch out let me know how many fibre discs yours has as I bought a set for mine which had 7 in it, the book says 7 but mine has 8 ??? baffled, PS bits for these are available quite easily of the old EBAY just seen a complete rear wheel with disc for peanuts on there
  9. got to agree on this one, use it at work and it is recommended for cleaning dashboards and all sorts of things plus it lubricates and free,s off seized stuff to boot as well
  10. Hi, is there plans to activate it as it seems like a good idea to me ?
  11. I agree with you there, there is good and bad in all professions, some are kind and helpful others wont give you the time of days, on the other side of the coin there are some rude and downright dangerous motorcyclists, all I say is judge each and every person as you find them and dont tar them all with the same brush because of the clothes they wear
  12. Though somebody may have known the answer but no brain boxes on this topic then?
  13. I have a couple of fans and may give that a try, as to tick over it makes sense that the rpm will go up as the carbs balance out, so I am going to take everyone's advice and have another go cheers
  14. I think you are correct about the tickover screw as I have seen mentioned but have yet to find it myself, but I will try your method next time I do it as it sound good to me, cheers mate
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