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    present 2002 5EB R6. lambrettas and a vespa in the 60's Triumphs, BSAs ,a ramair 250 Suzuki, Kwaka z1000,ZZR1100,Honda CB900,400 v4,CBR1000,Yamaha,400rr,and R6 These are the ones I can remember.

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    Burgess Hill, West Sussex
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    bikes, archery, the odd car, beer, wine, bikes, beer,horse riding.

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  1. Lesson learnt. If it between you and a pig, never try to defend yourself, the pig will alway win regardless of the facts. The copper had the wrong road road on his statement, knew nothing about DTi guidelines, did not know how to target a bike, could not say what part of the bike or me he aimed at. At the distance he clocked me at I was in a dip in the road and had pictues that did not show the bike in the ...dip, he swore he could see it but could not say how much he could see, even though he was targetting me with his laser? He stated under oath that he said nothing after he cautioned me
  2. Halfords have some nice small foglights, great for dipped beam
  3. If you can get the back wheel in the air via a paddock stand or center stand, run the bike in first gear and CAREFULLY run a wire brush over the chain, then spray with lots of chain lube, you will see if the chain is running smooth, any tight spots will soon show
  4. As my post, "I have never intended to upsett other members, piss them off, yes, wind them up, yes, insult them or there bikes? NO"
  5. Hay you can be and show intelligence, well done, Streetfighters were a development from the cafe racers of the 60's,in the UK, again you took a stock bike and tried to make it faster and lighter, the early fighters looked very simillar to the original bikes, but were lighten, tune and better suspension fitted, slowly the trend turned into what it is now, the Brit scene is still big engines, better suspension, turbos, niros, the US scene is more customised, they still go for the shiny paint and chrome look. The Germans again go for power and handling with a slightly differnt look.
  6. Laugh I almost died. Thanks for taking such a dislike to my bike, I call it Marmite . I have never slagged off another bike, I may not like that style of bike and might find them boring, but because you don't like someone's bike that is not an excuse to be churlish and F*****G pig ignorant, I see from your profile that you are still very young and have only owned 2 bikes, both slow cruisers. When you grow up, and have owned/ridden/rebuit a few more bikes you may have the ability to respond as you have. I would love to give your bike some comments but only having one small photo its not eas
  7. fieldarcher

    Small winter mods

    Changed the shade or red, fitted new risers, changed h/lights. Polished and painted frame.
  8. Do you ever check out members pics before you post anything, You accuse me of riding a clone, and its obvious to anybody that cruisers are not clones like other every other cruiser around, if someone is going to make a bobber they should look at the US sites as this is where this look came from, high cowhorns and a single seat do not make a bobber. If I ever want to buy a cruiser type bike I will buy a Triumph twin as these in my humble opinion look and sound better.
  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Sorry guys but if you want a HD clone try a Victory or maybe even a Triumph. yes i want to ride fast, corner, and stop quickly. I am 60 plus so cannot easily ride a sport bike, so I played. No bolt on goodies, no custom shop job, just my time and the fun of doing my fing.
  10. Pro bolt red bling for the R6 a 2010 R1 to street fighter A medal for J Clarckson for saying what most of us think, my shoulder to heal overnight so I can ride again. the elves to come and powder coat my wheels an anti pig gun
  11. depends what your were doing/eating the night before. lol
  12. what do you call a blond who dyes her hair brown? artificial inteligence
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