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  1. Slightly off topic but slightly not. I remember a band (that Dibber dose mention) that had t-shirts made up with a three part patch on that ended in a nasty way to all the fans. I see no problem in them but you do really need to be careful with them as some MC and MCC's will take them as disrespect and will either remove them kindly or not so kindly and if your selling them to fans of your band then its not really going to be a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your shirt got a fans swede kicked in. I love the look of the hoodie (never wear it as i hate hoodies in general) just take it easy, if you are really concerned about it then you can contact your local dominant MC chapter and ask their advise your get a black and white answer but your know if they approve then all is hunky dory and as your a rock band you may even get some more fans.
  2. That makes three of us and i have good eyes too!
  3. Noise

    Shit Happens

    I'd just say man up, duck tape on the scab and get that skid lid on. Haha
  4. I've been in the dog house for the past 10years. Best time was when i went out and came home with a 6ft tropical fish tank, her face was priceless haha.
  5. Noise

    Selling on ebay

    Not sure im capable of doing a 2 smoker, anyway why cant you do it?..... lazy feck!
  6. Yer i doubt its wasn't that difficult for a fit and healthy guy like yourself ha-ha but with my fubar'd back even lifting my fat ass off the bog seat takes some effort Yer just seen the video, still recon the older lot will get jelly legs after popping that back up tho
  7. Man who run behind car gets exhausted but the man who run in front of car gets tired
  8. The idling around the car park is the build up to the road rode of the CBT and its a minimum of 2 hours out on the road for your CBT the other day we where out for 5 hours for one student, i do agree with you on some aspects but the CBT has reduced motorcycle deaths a fair bit since it was introduced in 1990. As Captf said you wouldn't want a hormonal 17 year old doing his CBT / test and jumping onto a over sized bike as they will just bin it and end up in a box as most people ride / drive with their egos and not their brains.
  9. Sorry to hear about the very low speed bin Slice, but as they say as long as your not hurt thats the main thing! you can buy new mirrors but not a new back. Thankfully the only bike i dropped was the 125 draggy and that too was a bit of a bitch to sit back on its wheels, kinda makes you feel slightly sorry for the older men going out and buying these gold-wings! how the feck do they pick them up if they decide to have a little lay down?
  10. As a CBT instructor its a proper nightmare with 50cc mopeds out on the road, always having to look at the student and at all the assholes who are trying to force their way past you or pulling out at the last minute and it is ll to do with that L plate. On Sunday one of my students stalled pulling away at the lights and we as instructors (at my school) always ride slightly to the left of the student behind them so that they can see out their mirrors and not just see a mirror full of intimidating instructor, now i had two students in front of me and a proper arrogant impatient female driver behind me, your never guess what she done.....yep you guessed it she forced her way past me (just missed my bars) then forced past the first student, now by this time the front student was just about to pull away which is when i told him to stop which thankfully he did and she just managed to get past him. She only then pulled over to the side of the road to let her mate out the car at their house!!! As said above you can only do your A1 test to remove them but then you need to pay for every other test in order to get the full A category, once you get the A1 use the time wisely to get very good road sense and learn how to spot these assholes in a good timely manner, keep looking up at the vanishing point to give you a reasonable length of time to spot anything that will make you slow down or move the bike left or right.
  11. Yer thats not for me. the Carver gets another vote
  12. I had the same with my front brake buddy, just had to change the switch and bobs your fanny works just as it should
  13. Noise

    Selling on ebay

    Yer I've had quite a few asking for a buy it now price but told them i put no buy it now because i want to let everyone have a fair playing field, plus i already have 146 watchers and 16 bids, still got 9 days to go. Im just stuck on what im going to buy next as the bike i was after was sold this morning, not to mention that i might not even make my resuve
  14. Noise

    Selling on ebay

    Yes.thanks.mate, funny enough an hour after posting this thread i figured it out haha, going to cost me £17.99 to put Betty on there so will check the bank account to see if i can if not I'll do it at the end of the month Thanks again
  15. Noise

    Selling on ebay

    Hey folks, Just after a bit of advise really on how to sell the bike on eBay? I typed in my description then proceeded to select the category to put it in but couldn't seem to be able to get the cars / motorbike category? It only seems to bring up accessories and parts? Anyone got any ideas on if I'm doing something wrong or is eBay being a twat?
  16. Too flipping right, sadly the NHS say that in order for me to have the snip I have to be 35 and have to have the wife's permission even tho it's what I want!? Yet I'm not sure it's the same if a lady wants the snip?
  17. O yes bip Nikki is loving being big sister apart from the pooy nappies then she just sprints out the room haha but she's great at singing all the songs from frozen! Thanks Clarke, yer all are getting settled now, we just need to start remembering how all this baby stuff works again haha
  18. Thank you all for your kind comments, been dipping my toe in and out the form the last few days as its been quite a hectic few days as you can imagine, cant believe that she is a week old tomorrow! Time flies. Both Laura and Layla are doing great still just trying to adapt to the whole juggling of two children at the moment but hopefully will get the hang of it by time i go back to work on the 2nd.
  19. Here's a pic of my other little honey badger
  20. Im still trying to find out who the father is on both of them as neither look like me haha. Laura sends her thanks to you all too.
  21. Yer that could be a good idea there Kev, Here she is Gave us all a nice sleepless night last night and i forgot how hard it is to get up and function in human way without walking into stuff.
  22. That is a lovely example of a divvy mate, well done. That exhaust is brilliant, i fitted one to my mates 1984 900 and sounds really nice, not loud but it gives you a sound that feels like you can be heard.
  23. Thank you all, as always im truly greatful for your kind wishes, i have finally gotten both laura and Layla home today and they are both very healthy and doing great. Eric Clapton did give me the idea of her.beautiful name, but as our first daughter Nikkita had a flower for a second name we thought that Rose was a suitable name to create her double barrelled name. Just wanted to share my happiness with you all.
  24. Well yesterday was a good day, we are now proud to welcome into the world baby Layla-Rose who was born at 13:32 on the 7/2/2015 weighing 6lb 8oz. Very happy at the moment just waiting to bring them home this afternoon and Mrs Noise and Layla are doing great.
  25. As Kirrie said above really. Also what we teach at the school im with is OSMPSL and OSOMPSL OSMPSL is for Minor to major left or right turns and position is key: Observation = mirrors 100 yards from junction Signal = turn your indicator on Manoeuvre = move the bike over to either the white line if turning right or move close to the kerb if turning left Position = check to make sure your bars are not over the line or smacking pedestrians Speed = check your speed slow it right down so that you can creep and peep to check the road is either clear to carry on or if you have to stop. Look = left shoulder check if turning left or a right shoulder check if turning right. (but if your close to the kerb when turning left then you have blocked any Lycra louts cutting you up) NEVER RUSH A RIGHT TURN THOUGH!! OSOMPSL is used for turning left or right off of a major road onto a minor road these are more dangerous as you may have to stop in the road before you make your turn due to the side road being blocked by traffic, pedestrians or oncoming traffic. Turning left off a major road onto a side road is also dangerous as on approach we drop down one gear to reduce your speed but then we keep the clutch out and leave the brake off and just let the bike take itself around the corner. If you pull the clutch in the bike will speed up as its now freewheeling and you will end up on the wrong side of the road as your turn in. So OSOMPSL stands for: Observation = Mirrors Signal = indicate Observation = shoulder check (left or right) Manoeuvre = move the bike over Position = maintain the position of the bike Speed = slow down you give you time to assess if the new road is clear to enter and it’s safe to do so Look = now before you turn you must do a life saver check before you turn!
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