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  • Birthday 09/18/1971

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    tw125(sold) gpz550(rip)nt650

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    nairn, highlands
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    love ma kids, ma bikes ma mates n ma job<br />heavy metal music and bike rallies..

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  1. :D hey guys ive no been on for ages im kev (bawchops) d live in inverness 36 passed ma test on the 3rd of aug on ma third bike ( blew the last one up) ridin a 88 honda nt650. just waitin for a compo cheque he he he buyin a sizi bandit 1200 yeeharr
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    :D how do man, fit like :D
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    :D how do man :D
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    Got out at last!

    nice one man as always some picts :D
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    :D how do man :D
  6. :D nice one dude how do :D passed test 030807
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    :D how do man :D
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    :D how do man :D
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    :D how do man :D
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    :D how do fae the highlands of scotland :D
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    :D nae bother :D
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    found it yet dude its under saint kitty and nevis :D
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