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  1. He's OK with Yams Paul......it's Suzukis that seem to piss him off!
  2. It's ex-Ayuntamiento (Local Govt).......they bought it new in 2000, used it infrequently, and when it was due for it's first ITV (MOT) in 2005 they just left it in their garage! There should have been 5 stamps (every 2 years) in the docs......and there was only one, which was 2 days ago. Only in Spain! Consequently it's only done 8000 kms / 5000 miles and is 100% original. Very rare to find one like this.....I've been looking for a long time! And the red/black DJ02 model is very rare in itself.
  3. I had one back in 2000.....great bikes....fantastic motor! Good on fuel too! Apart from original downpipes prone to corrosion they're pretty bulletproof!
  4. This is a cheap 46 Euro bullet cam that I got off eBay nearly a year ago. It's pretty basic....but it does the job!
  5. I'm from South Wales.....but I've been living in Granada, Southern Spain since 2005.
  6. As a kid in the 60's watching the Mods and Rockers turn up at the fair! From then on it was just waiting out the time till I could get a licence and the money together to buy something. That happened in June 71, passed test in October 71 and still going! Now on bike number 60!
  7. Good to see you mate......yeh....it's killing me living here! Even the water is blue!
  8. Good to see you......thought I'd make a visit.....been a while! As I said earlier I don't get a lot of time these days! That's a 2000 model....20K on the clocks! But unlike Brit XT's (and I've had a fair few) they don't get ravaged by the climate! We do get rain, but the difference where I live (3000ft up in the mountains) is the air is very dry.......and salt doesn't get put on the roads! In fact, I've got a 20 year old Fiesta with not one spot of rust......whereas a Brit one would have disintegrated by now! Rust on vehicles just doesn't happen where I am! There's old guys with little bikes they bought in the 60's......they've never cleaned them.....but still no rust!
  9. Cheers....but not a lot of time for getting out and about and having fun.....I'm working every day! I'm not retired......and never will be!
  10. Cheers Slice! But I did do 50 British Winters before I came here in 2005.....so I paid my dues! And I'll never be back to pay any more!
  11. I'm another oldie at 60......and I think it's great! Too many of our generation have turned into sad old twats so get out and make a statement!
  12. Out early......destination was the Castle in Vélez-Blanco, Almeria! Riding through Orce.......and then onto Maria crossing into the province of Almeria from Granada! Parked up at the foot of the Castle....I was the only one there! And here it is in the background! Now here's the story of the Castle itself! Culture Alert! Castillo de Vélez-Blanco is located in the municipality of Vélez-Blanco, province of Almería, in the autonomous community of Andalucia, Spain. It was built by Governor of Murcia, Pedro Fajardo, 1st Marquis of los Vélez, following his appointment as Marqués. He set the headquarters of his new dominion by undertaking the construction of the local castle on the remains of an ancient and important Islamic citadel. It is situated on a hill overlooking the town. An important aspect of this castle is its huge tower, Torre del Homenaje, which is nearly 20 feet (6.1 m) high, an emblematic element of the castle and a symbol of the power over the dominion. The stone structure, had wooden stairs, which could be removed in case of danger isolating the upper level as a last defense. There is a proliferation of decorative elements topping its battlements. The building has been restored in stages during the second half of the 20th century, including the floors of the towers. In 1931, it was listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural monument. Now some shots! And here's a backdrop of the castle on the way out! Perfect weather....24C and blue skies! And as usual, completely empty roads!
  13. XTreme

    Handle bar grips!

    Yeh....Grip Puppies are the biz! I would prefer to Grip Pussies though!
  14. Yeh....still at it Airhead! 42 years riding and 58 bikes cleaned......and not getting any younger!
  15. In this order: Jarno Saarinen Mike Hailwood Kenny Roberts
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