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    YAMAHA YZF R6 YAMAHA YZF R1 Suzuki GSF 600 bandit (latest edition to the stable) GSX-R 600

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    Red wine good grub and partttyyyyingggg
    wish i could manage to get a picture on here???? Managed.....with help from my wee girl
  1. Showing your age Mr b....lol nowt wrong wi an R1 for long distance runs.....just means you stop for more cuppas
  2. bananaR6


    Just didna like this one.....
  3. bananaR6

    past & present

    YZF R6 YZF R1
  4. bananaR6

    past & present

  5. Hey Hey deeside bikers are making that event...see you there.x
  6. :rolleyes: I'm coming too...don't you dare forget moi, I can do Englandshire no problemo Mr B.
  7. mmmmmm time you bought a bigger bike???? sell you an R6 with a busted wheel bearing.... Nah all fixed now, yipee!!!mmmmmm
  8. bananaR6

    Brrrr it's cold.

    Hey me too... fab day on my pocket rocket.... clear skies fabby run, mmmmmm a real mechanic helps, or a bit of intuition??
  9. Hey where's all the MALE pro's out there???? im a trucker 2, i've never seen 1????? mmmmmm
  10. bananaR6


    LOL well that should put him in his place.... well done
  11. bananaR6


    Yep your right there... thank god their the minority, grow up someday.
  12. bananaR6


    WOW bad night then??? mmmmmmmmm
  13. bananaR6

    Ladies Leathers

    Thanks for that see some nice links through that site, have a closer look when i get bit more time. Cheers
  14. bananaR6

    Ladies Leathers

    Hi there, now can anyone reccommend nice fitting girlie leathers???? Im sick of buying off of e-bay, I must have half a dozen sets now!!! and mmmmmm think they have shrunk over the winter?? I'd prefer the nice soft leather as they hard ones are so uncomfortable, so any reccommendations would be grateful. Thanks Fiona
  15. bananaR6

    Advice Wanted

    Hi chrissie, I would'nt reccomend e-bay... I've just wasted 5 weeks trying to sell my gsx-r, some german nut bid and never paid, so had to lodge an unpaid deal??/ then had to wait 8 days before i could re list my bike...so that I would'nt get charged the final bidding fees, never again!!!! I ended up putting it on pistonheads, it sold within 4 days and a damn sight cheaper to advertise than e-bay. Hope you find this helpful. Regards Fiona
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