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  1. I sold my XVS650 Custom to buy the XVS950a and I've been grinning ever since! The 650 is a great bike, I really loved mine - but the 950 is just beautiful to ride. I've recently clocked up 10,000 miles on mine and can't fault it!
  2. As I recall the stated top speed is 90 mph, although I got an indicated 95 on the motorway without too much trouble... The closer you are to sea level and a cooler ambient temperature will help performance due to denser air (more oxygen to burn) I used to really notice the difference on a cold winter morning, however the 950 is injected (and so, has a lambda sensor) meaning it automatically adjusts itself to oxygen rich environments...
  3. I'll second that - Avons all the way for Dragstars!
  4. Ever feel like you're talking to a brick wall Ttask?
  5. The hot end of the long pipe doesn't look (to me) like it would fit the XVS650, but it's a bit hard to tell since photos are only 2D... Sorry I can't be of more help.
  6. Knowing Yamaha, they probably won't. I had to change the rear brake switch on my old XVS650 and got one from ebay that had come off an XVS650a - it didn't fit as they've got a different shape connector on... It seems the only reason for the difference is to make you buy O.E.M. parts for your specific bike. I may be wrong, but I seriously doubt they will fit.
  7. As much as I respect Ttaskmasters opinion - I'd say "DO IT!" I did it on my old 650 and just squeezed as many holes in as possible at 10mm diameter each - but use your judgement on hole size relative to the exhaust pipe size and hole pattern on what you think will look good. On the 650 there are two baffle plates about 10mm apart - if this is the same on the 125 then make sure you go through both or it won't do anything at all. If you're unsure you could always see if you can get hold of a secondhand set of pipes so you've still got a pair in original condition - although it shouldn't be too hard to weld a bit of plate over the holes if you don't like it...
  8. I've got one of the Oxford Stormex covers, and although they're pricey - it is well worth the money! It's got a heat resistant lining - so you can put it straight on the bike while it's still hot (the heat will help to dry the bike out underneath the cover) and it does have a very handy hole at either end for a chain to go through. it's also got reflective patches in various places to help it be seen on the roadside and a strap to go underneath the bike. On the downside it is quite bulky, but I was only planned on using it at home anyway... You won't need an XL for the xvs250 - I opted for the xl figuring too big is better than too small and it drowned my xvs650, Large would have easily done (although now I've got the 950 I'm glad I got the xl!) I'm guessing a Medium sized one might fit the 250... Id suggest getting it from your local bike shop and ask if you can swap it if it doesn't fit right (otherwise consider the pro's and cons of the distance selling regulations...) Word of warning on the whole "bigger is better" option - I put the xl cover on the GS500E that I had for a while (the cover totally swamped it), and on a windy night it acted like a sail and blew the bike over (bust brake lever and mirror) So a tight fitting cover is better!! Hope this has helped!
  9. Or... Take the disc off, buy a new one - here £47 and no real risk of doing any damage. Then thermite the old disclock for sh!ts and giggles.
  10. Either don't lean, or learn to love the scraping - (go for option 2!) The boards are sprung, so it shouldn't be a problem... just keep an eye on the "Moles" aka the sacrificial bit that's bolted onto the foot boards - and replace them when they wear down. So how many miles does everyone do on their xvs950s? I've had mine almost a year and clocked up 7500 + got through a pair of tires.
  11. @tTaskmaster - Yeah, Having come from the Dragstar My first thought was Avons... shame they don't do the sizes I've managed to get the dunlops at trade price - £206.68 for the pair. Still seems too much, but I guess you'll always want to pay less... Gonna see if I can get them fitted next week - that'll be 6000 miles then (hopefully the dunnies'll last a bit longer!)
  12. Cheers for the link, but they ain't got them either... These tyres are seeming pretty rare! Anyone else with an XVS950 had to get new rubber yet?
  13. Hi Guys and gals, I've done about 5500 miles on my XVS950 now, and need some new rubber. I was expecting a bit more from the bridgestones, especially the front one! Front tyre is duel compound and has worn a lot more on the soft sides than the harder centre. I'm really starting to feel it and am loosing faith in it's grip. Nevermind I figured, time to stump up and get some new tires - think I'll try the dunlops instead... Spoke to my local dealer earlier and have been quoted £250 for a pair of Bridgestones and £270 for the Dunlops!!! The guy also said that bridgestone and dunlop don't have these tyres in stock!?! so could be 3 or 4 weeks! I'm a bit gobsmacked.
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