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    rallies . camping , beer, music oh and my baby FZR 250

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  1. Just an update ....................sold the FZR on ebay and bought a suzuki gsx600f , can i still come and play on here now ........pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese x x
  2. Thank you all for the advice .... might try evil bay and see what happens not many like her around as i believe they are getting a bit rare ..... many thanks x x chrissie
  3. Chrissie

    Advice Wanted

    Hi there could someone give me advice on the best place to sell my bike .... ive been told to put her on ebay but shes a really nice little bike and dont think i would get a fair deal on there Ive never sold a bike before so any advice would be a help .......... many thanks x x
  4. Hi there guys i got this PM and had the same trouble accessing this site ... thought it was me being blonde and forgetting my password again lol x x
  5. Hi guys ,, just joined this site im new to 2 wheels but had an xj650 trike before, ive now bought a lovely fzr250 so thought i would look for a yammy owners club and found ................. YOU lol x x chrissie
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