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  1. [quote I believe there is no such thing as a typical biker, we're all individual. I used to pop down to Boxhill before I moved 'tup north and was always impressed with how diverse the biking scene is. Foamy's (youngsters!!) on their 'peds, crossers, supersports, cruisers and everything in between (even 'Wings lol). In Ryka's one day when this (really) old dude in a wheelchair being pushed by his (older) wife struggle to find somewhere to eat and everybody had a shuffle round to make space. No pretensions, no clicky clubs just everybody having a bloody good time around the bikes, way cool.
  2. ally tonks


    Hey Silver Lucky bugger......and welcome. I had to sack the wife before I could bring the bike indoors so it could be worse.......! Ally
  3. Cool tuned fizzy on Youtube with fantastic camera work at the beginning!!! "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  4. I know someone was looking for a headlamp stone protector but couldn't (bl**dy) find it using the search option. For those who might be interested it's here: 150335868451 Ally
  5. hey beer love
  6. Hey Gav A friend of mine had a simlar problem years ago with a mercedes seatbelt motor on a coupe. One plastic gear got chewed and the dealership wanted a few hundred quid for a complete unit. He took it to a watchmaker/jeweller who made the gear for a tenner! It might be worth an ask..... good luck
  7. ally tonks


    Hey and welcome to the owners club Is it the actual pump that is damaged or just the cover? Can we see a pic? It looks like the fzr600 pump will fit also...
  8. ally tonks


    Yes I DO have too much time on my hands..... NOS YG1 barrel.......ebay: 300272963062
  9. Also................ There are a couple dt125 carbs (same type) on the bay also, will just need appropriate jetting............
  10. This may be an alternative solution: VM24 copies made for the Enfield, couple on the bay.....
  11. ally tonks


    Sorry Womble me again The PW80 is the same engine type and there are a couple of very cheap complete bikes on ebay, cheaper then a new barrel, might be worth a look
  12. ally tonks


    Hey Womble Hens teeth time....... You can get NOS from the states, cost is reasonable but not sure about postage? I've had a brief trawl around the bay for YG1 and alternative variants to no avail so you might have to bite the bullet....... Good luck Ally
  13. Hey Jo Whatssup....................
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