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  1. Miss.me


    not done anything with her yet, i had a bad crash about a year ago, only just getting round to sorting all the panels out and respraying her etc, sport systems add a little more power and pull but seem to back fire an awful lot! thanks for the bday wishes, yeahh i feel old now i hit that age cheers for the good lucks in the test(s),wont be passed by the end of March, as not been keeping my lessons constant due to problems etc, not happy, but not much i can do about it. as for my next bike, im thinking about a lil 250 just to get used to having that little bit extra pwoer, speed and torque. i dont want to go stupid about it and jump straight onto a 600 as that would be stupid in my opinion. eventually, i would love an R1 or the total opposite Goldwing. Money isnt really an issue, but im planning on moving etc so not getting my hopes up just going to roll with the wind
  2. Miss.me


    thanks for the welcomes guys .. Noo, i shall be doing my full bike test aswell, not going to give up riding bikes, never
  3. Miss.me


    Thank you guys .. Got my theory in a couple of weeks should be passed by end of march
  4. Miss.me


    thank you for the welcomes. thanks maD, removed the pic.
  5. Miss.me


    Heyy Guys! I had a heck of alot of problems with my internet and this website etc, so i cant remember what i have and haven't posted! Must of been middle of last year i was on. So i shall just start from the top. Been lerking around a little bit, so decided to join. Call me Jo, 17, From Warrington. Ride a Red && White Yamaha R125 && Love it! Taking driving lessons at the moment, but will still be keeping the bike if i pass. =] Few pics .. Few Artistic Pics .. My Mug .. Okkkk, pic over load, but i love her ... How can i help it (L) M.M xx
  6. Thread from the dead! Yeahh its for draining the oil
  7. Ride It Like You Stole It!

  8. Heyy .. as some of you know i have a yzf r125 .. under the seat that is a toolkit && then like a metal piece, with like a brillo pad that sits inside it .. the metal thing has like a hook and a hole (for a screw maybe), asked around and no one seems to know what it is? any help?
  9. Miss.me

    worst injury

    Does every bone in my body count? hah Only real one due to biking was a broken finger and a bruised hip. Broke both my arms (1 twice), playing football and ice skating. Broke my Metatarsal(sp) from falling down 1 stair. broken my ankle doing the same thing. just this past week, tore my tendon at the back off my ankle and stretched my ligament around my ankle bone, by stepping backwards off a kurb. cracked my eye bone, walked into the corner of a wall. broke many fingers through doing stupid stuff. broke 2 ribs and cracked 3 ice and went 3, fell down a hill in ice and the fence was what stopped me. broke toes .. tripping over things etc. Torn all my ligaments that hold your thumb onto your hand, by falling backwards and landing on my thumb. took fucking 16 weeks to heal, bandage, support, metal plates, cast ..operation was what healed it cracked my jaw bone after getting smacked in the fact with a wooden pole. the worst injury ive probly had though .. used to work in the cheffing industry, sharp knife + me = not good haha cut my finger .. bled for 5 hours before anyone decided to take me to hospital haha, 7 stiches Im very accident prone haha
  10. Miss.me

    Yamaha yzf r125

    Yamaha main dealers, really dear though. Dad brought what you needed the other week .. £230 Ifnot, bog job it haha, filler and paint lol
  11. Lol,not that i know of .. how comes ??
  12. hehe thang .. sounds australian hehe. ooo another girl thank god, im used to all boys forums haha x
  13. Havent been on in whilee had a bit of a hiccup at home! Im back for good now haha
  14. Thank you for the welcomes
  15. Heyy, just thought i would say hi joined the forum about 2 weeks ago but having email problems so couldnt register but sorted it now lol. im Jo, 17 from warrington, been riding for a yearnow, been stuck on a 50cc TGB for past year:( but just got a YZF R125 for birthday and i love it haha. anywho, youll proberly see me around quite alot xx
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