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  1. didn't say you need to throttle up
  2. Dec, I suppose Ant will be on his way?
  3. fz600 have oil coolers, its basically a screw on part and i converted mine to a spin on filter from a xjr400
  4. you can use an infrared thermometer too. very handy for diagnostic and for covid19
  5. good info, did you have to machine pockets for the valves?
  6. check inlet manifold for cracks and leaks by spraying easy start around there to see if the revs rise.
  7. just keep it, not going to make a difference in the millions the DVLA take.
  8. wow, I've spent a small fortune on just the top end of my TDM £90 just for a head gasket and that's for a twin cylinder bike.
  9. to the forum I too own an XS400
  10. An alternative is to use an ignitech unit
  11. there's a technique to it, you don't want all power straightaway but a gradual process. I did mine so the leading edge touched fractionally before the rest
  12. , Colin. love the tls front brake
  13. but there's air bleed jets surely? if they are blocked, then it'll always be rich
  14. i didn't mean the jets themselves. more the carb body internals where the jets fit into
  15. drewpy

    XJ600 scrambler

    if you get desperate , you can use these guys http://www.carmoelectronics.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=497_514_2129_2915
  16. drewpy

    XJ600 scrambler

    maybe your TCI has gone. have you ensured the earths are clean from the battery and to the engine. Switching on and off is the work of a simple contact set, that's why I'm looking at the TCI having issues. If you look on the TCI there is a TID number, try and borrow one of the same type to see if its that good look with the build
  17. are the carbs clean inside, ie all the small jet holes unclogged?
  18. lube your cable if its not a slinky coated one, or just replace it. Readjust the cable and check the run is not near an exhaust pipe where it will burn
  19. it also depends on the handle bar shape. American bars tend to have higher, curvier bars so there are shaped to meet those curves. TBH so long a the bore size is the same, you should be ok. try xs650 stuff off mikes XS
  20. drewpy

    What a faf.

    I never forget undoing a cam cover bolt on the FZ using a ratchet ring spanner. going great till it hit the frame with no where else to go. had to cut the spanner with an angle grinder. I feel your pain
  21. I'm suprised its finicky then. I'd still check timing, fuel height, valve clearance . before you start on different jets. BTW fuelling the top end still applies, get that right (over 3k) there' usually a transition around there from pilot
  22. check timing if its adjustable first. check 2 stroke oil as too much weakens the mix you need a jet kit, allens or NRP, you need to ensure mains set first for WOT, do plug chops to check mix. I assume the carb is set up and cleaned throughout?
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