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  1. Snakebite, was my tipple in my teens along with red eye= Pernod, black and cider. can 't remember much after that
  2. do you frequent the carousel at Southport wednesdays? I miss the Wray bike nights too, those xs650 are great lots of support from Mike XS in the states and the Dutch sites.
  3. looks like an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system a pain in cars too. I took mine out and put an electronic gubbins in to fool the engine it was still there. only there to pass the euro 4/5 regs on emissions. put some exhaust wrap on and should be fine.
  4. we've all been there. I spent 6 months tracking an ignition fault, tested within parameters but 1 wire failed under load. there's a long thread in the site somewhere.
  5. i got a chinese kit for an Aprillia SR50 and had to dress the rough edges, but it was great and got 40 mph from the bike
  6. when i did my gilera, I had to get a dating certificate (free from piaggio) insured on the frame number (limited to 5 days) then get an MOT Send off for NOVA and then apply for registration number
  7. lucky you caught it, bit of bearing lock wouldn't go amiss then
  8. I soon closed the gap on you in corners, thought it was Vmax handling. glad it was spotted sooner rather than later
  9. i think there is a minimum posts count before you can do that.
  10. he's fine but had a few personal issues which I won't go into.
  11. was a brilliant weekend
  12. the legendary SR125. we had Andrewelvis on his doing 80 down hill, unbelievable
  13. I have a friend in Sarnia who's a biker
  14. I'm a fan of brembo disks and Carbon Lorraine pads if I had the choice
  15. enjoy the rebuild/parts finding. Stafford is back on in october
  16. drewpy

    Yamaha YDS5

    bloody hell, that's a bummer
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