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  1. A good channel to watch on youtube is Missenden flyer, he does some good reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrzeoZuii0M Hope you are OK now Slice?
  2. is there an appeals process?
  3. best to coat the bike (not the brakes) acf50 or i have scott oil 365 it'll keep corrosion away and protect electrics too. If corrosion has got under the all coating, then it needs to come off, no other way. just use peeks or if its really bad, solvo autosol
  4. I remember when I did the Gilera , i had plethora of pilot and mains jets. and just kept swapping till I hit the right combo Also the height of the mains needle makes a difference
  5. crank seals will have hardened a bit, but as its fine when warm, I would think that's fine. Could be a bit of crap in the carb pilot system for low running. was the bike stored with the carb and tank dry? was there a fuel filter fitted?
  6. its 4 stroking lower down, if you've pushed the power further up the rev range, that's where you need to stay. You can't have more power and expect it to perform all throughout the rev range, its a compromise. have you tuned your power band into when the rollers bite?
  7. Don't know the thunder cat per se, but there could be up to 3 spacers. 1 twixt left sprocket carrier and swing arm 1 fits inside the left bearing between sprocket carrier and left hub bearing, looks like a top hat and most peeps throw these away when renewing the bearing as it is drifted into it. 1 in-between the hub bearings maybe 1 right side which usually is the calliper mount
  8. see Allen Millyard's youtube channel and say casings can't be welded. I've had a motor mount welded up and its no problem for 10 years its been on there. You need too make sure all oil is out but some castings can be porous and there may be an issue
  9. I think you need to get it on a dyno just to check fuelling and see the power curve. will save a lotto time in the long run Run it in first though as dyne's are brutal
  10. drewpy

    girlie night out

    Two wives decided on a girlie night out. On the way home they needed a pee and nipped into a graveyard. Then they realised that they didn't have any wipes to finish up, so the first one used her knickers, and the second one found a wreath and used that. The next day one husband rang the other and said 'No more girlie nights out, mine came home with no knickers on'. The other said, 'Well if you think that's bad mine came home with a card in her crack that said 'From all of us at the fire station - we'll never forget you.''
  11. have you googled the part number? Yam always use parts bins of the era so googling will bring up what your looking for (but check photos)
  12. usually a captive nut, even if it did fall in, just use a magnetic aerial thing to fish it out
  13. I'd love to meet up again. going to be a strange year though I think.
  14. very simply, a diode is a bit like an electrical valve, it lets electricity flow one way and blocks it going the other way. stops damaging feedback to other electrical systems
  15. Just found Tommy's ride and slide photo
  16. i know it was, hence the emoticon it was shrek
  17. I think I adapted my throttle tube on the FZ to make it more quick action. I'll have a think on what I did or where I got the info from found it, i grooved the pvc to keep the cable from jumping off (it never did but I felt it needed it) https://www.kawiforums.com/threads/quick-turn-throttle-mod-with-pvc.122605/
  18. looking at this fiche, its a bearing https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/4012594/yp250-5sj2-2002-060-a/rear-arm-suspension should be able to buy from a bearing supplier if you can get the number off the bearing it self. heat up the alloy first and press out straight. oil seal will pop out using a small pry bar 93306-302YK
  19. Merry Christmas everybody. Family still Covid free (a few on front line police force too) Stay healthy 1f14a9be-1691-4cd8-9b03-ff3e87a1c5b2.MP4
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