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  1. drewpy

    XJ6 N 2009

    probably endless, like I have on mine
  2. A guy called Rafal does them to order in Poland. I have his engine bars too
  3. I have classic bike insurance with 3 bikes on it and agreed value inc breakdown. Its gone expensive now as I pay £170 when it used to be £95 (but that was 10 years ago) RH insurance
  4. if it was last week i could have, but back at work now
  5. is anyone close who our organise camping and digs in the area?
  6. there was a few bikes with patina there
  7. Great evening at Wray bike night. Over from Slaidburn it was very foggy so had to ride very carefully. I even saw an owl perched on the Misty moor. Spooky Ride back via Quernmore, Dunsop bridge and Walley into Sabden. Sun was out then and very pleasant through the country lanes
  8. drewpy

    blooming traffic!

    ponderosa was quiet and found a great new cafe too wasn't till i got on the m6 that it was busy
  9. very nice Jimmy, sounds amazing too
  10. https://www.dueruote.it/moto-scooter/yamaha/yamaha-fzs-600-fazer-s-472-2/
  11. its getting digs etc, but up for kielder I'm running Tameside Festival last 4 days in july and booked the week off either side.
  12. drewpy


    try Yambits or wemoto. The Geko stuff looks good
  13. Buff. typically round here its raining so hope its not when you pick up yours.
  14. great first post. no idea what bike you're referring to, who did the work or even if it clears when stopped? Pop over to the new members section and say hello, that's good netiquette (yes we are grumpy barstewards)
  15. Rab, post on in projects and some photos would be great too
  16. ditchkid, i keep wanting to type dickead sorry. nice to have you on board
  17. inn Wonder what happened to that Vodka factory in warrington?
  18. not seen the schematics only what yam did to the 250/400 on them, the starter uses a chain to the crank.
  19. If its like the xs400/250 you need the clutch engaged to turn the engine over. If I pull in the clutch I get no drive to the engine
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