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  1. guy's struggling to find campsites/digs in NE. Anyone have contacts and could sort something?
  2. stay friday and sunday there (unless you want to go home Sunday after a days ride), ride out on saturday to the Wooler area which is a bit more involved but takes in Kielder, castles, lindisfarne etc too.
  3. found this in Carlisle https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/cumbria/carlisle/carlisle-central-north.html?INNID=CARGOS&ARRdd=28&ARRmm=08&ARRyyyy=2020&NIGHTS=1&ROOMS=1&ADULT1=2&CHILD1=0&COT1=0&INTTYP1=DB&SID=4&ISH=true&BRAND=PI&CID=GHF_GB_GoogleSearch_desktop_CARGOS&gclid=CjwKCAjwmf_4BRABEiwAGhDfSYkuxwF-MO1f0raSg0OMh62cmKK3rAJq5tmrxc4u1-6VBLE8UJXYnhoC4I4QAvD_BwE I know slice is wanting hotel /B&B what do peeps think?
  4. Drewpy + 2 mates Slice Finnerz Cynic + 2 could be's Blackhat
  5. lets just see who's coming first so maybe we can get rooms nearby
  6. can we have a show of hands who up for this? I think if we use the routes I found it will be a dual stay affair (carlise and Wooler and Wooler back to carlise ) unless anyone else has any other ideas?
  7. to the forum best ask tech questions in the relevant section, then you may get a better response
  8. should be ok, even though its my wedding anniversary
  9. to the YOC. there's a few scots on here so your not alone
  10. drewpy

    XS250 exhaust

    micron used to do a 2 in 1 , if you keep scouring the ebay ads one will turn up the 400 will be the same. make sure you get the correct year as they changed in 1983 to dohc
  11. you might be right as regards the engine, its not too far from me either
  12. drewpy

    XS250 exhaust

    the whole exhaust or the silencers? 2 in2 or 2 in1 ? be great if you can ay hello in new members section and a photo of your bike coz we like photos. place an add in the wanted section when you've decided what you actually need
  13. sometimes breakers may do it. There's one on https://worsley.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/the-bikers-warehouse-13845097.html I got a frame off them years ago and they have mechanics onsite, could do an engine swap?
  14. drewpy


    120/70 160/60 is what was for
  15. drewpy


    mine were £200 fitted, but they just came out and a deal at the time. They make the tread wider as the tyre wears, bit like an inverse tread pattern I suppose.
  16. are you the son of J R Hartley?
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