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  1. Hi all Looking at buying a track bike but am unsure of some of the bikes ive seen. One that I looked at had no V5 as the bloke said it was a "cat c", i assume this means write off? is this one to stay away from? should i buy a track bike with a V5? Also if its ok not to have a V5 how can i check its not stolen, last thing i want is to loose my money and have my bike taken by the police!!! Any info would be great Thanks
  2. Ha ha yeah I should change it. Maybe it should read "Faster, faster, faster until the stupidity of getting caught overcomes actual death"
  3. Really? Would that be a 6 month ban for my car and bike? Damn I'm such an idiot!!
  4. Hi all The other day I got caught on my R6 doing 93mph in a 60, had the letter through that said it cannot be resolved with a fixed penalty ie. A court summons, anybody any idea what I'll get? Also only had my license about a year but a car license for about 6 years, does the 6 points in 2 years thing count. Any help would be great Also for the people that say I deserve what I get, I know I do!! Thanks
  5. Thats what i was thinking????!!!
  6. I know i shouldnt laugh but talk about one extreme to the other!!! http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090416/tuk-l...le-6323e80.html
  7. Hi mate, Beautiful bike!! Is that knight rider light in the front legal?? Also whats the flahing red/orange light on the left hand side of the bike under the left handlebar?? Cheers
  8. awh18awh

    ive won again!!!

    What bike will you get for £20?? Maybe a GSX-R i suppose
  9. Its like a magic show!!!!! Thanks mate!
  10. IDIOT!!!!!! http://www.bikerpunks.com';"style="cursor:pointer;align="right" valign="top">
  11. Hi jim This sounds good, we were going to organise for the end of june (only time off work)?? When were you thinking about going? Andy
  12. I dont know to be honest i just found it. Id hope it was on a dyno - would u want to risk it on paddock stands? That could go down hill fast, but would have been a quality video!!!
  13. Thanks for everyones advice, some great stuff to think about. We've decided now not to go too far for the first one and see how it goes. Cheers
  14. Thanks drewps, how did you make it work?? In my post options it doesnt say anything about a html like it says it should?????
  15. Hi mate Watch this vid - a 2005 R6 doing 293KPH which is about 182MPH i think.
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