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  1. Towards the end of last year I noticed that my sons PW was gettin harder to start, plus I thought there was a slight knock/rattle from the engine though it seemed to run ok. Have read that these could be symptoms of worn rings. Is it worth pullin it apart now before the better weather starts to replace parts? Or any easy tests to check ? Thanks folks
  2. Ah that's a pity but no point compromising on what ya want. I'll keep looking!
  3. Found this too... http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/33/71981333.html
  4. Good luck! The place that's sellin it is where I got my bike serviced few months ago - highly recommend them, I'll def be back. Keep us posted
  5. something like this Pat? http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/12/72970912.html
  6. vic-fzr600


    Thanks - but no thanks! I'll stick to the one i posted ta
  7. Pat, seems to be plenty of cheap bikes on the Isle at the min (certainly in the north). Anythin in particular ur after & I'll keep my eyes out??
  8. vic-fzr600


    Thanks Yamahead - wish it was mine !! I've told the owner I want first refusal if ever decides to sell but god knows how much it'd cost
  9. vic-fzr600


    I know i've mentioned this bike before but thought i'd share pics taken at a recent local classic show. Very nice RD, would love this one in my garage!! And to pre-empt the inevitable question, its not a copy - its the real deal. One owner from new, never been restored or molested (apart from the 2 silly stickers) Hope someone else likes this as much as i do!
  10. Thank feck i don't have any daughters !! Nice site tho, thanks for the link
  11. Dont think I'd risk it either, do too many miles & need to be able to trust what's under me. Was just curious about such repairs. In my opinion, if the repairs were as reliable as new Tyres then why would people be selling them cheap!!!!
  12. Hey everyone Seen a few rear Tyres on eBay at good money, but some have been plugged to repair a nail hole or similar. Has anyone any experience with repairs like this? Are they reliable enough? Thanks Vic
  13. vic-fzr600


    Hey folks Belated happy new year to everyone! Time to treat the VTR to some new Tyres, need something that's well suited to everyday commuting on rural roads. Currently running Dunlop Sportmax which are good - after they're warm. I prefer something bit more predictable, must be getting old!!! Any recommendations? Budget is a problem as always too. Standard size is 180/55 r17 rear, 120/65 r17 front. Thanks
  14. vic-fzr600

    Van required

    A Honda ?? Join the 'exile' section - I'm in there!!
  15. Welcome!! Goff gone now? Knew she got hitched but wasn't aware she'd thrown in the towel here as a result!!
  16. Does anyone have experience of Swingarm conversions? Price has been reduced once in last week already - hoping it'll drop again soon!!
  17. Having recently sold the Fzr & bought the twin, I always vowed I'd buy another fizzer at some point as I have soft spot for the wee buggers Well... Having my daily look at local free ads, spotted a familiar bike for sale. It's another 3he, but with updated forks & a single sided Swingarm conversion. Tried to buy same bike last year (it needed a clutch at the time) but was too late. Seems cheap enough, though as usual my suspicious side says there's prob somethin wrong with it! Just gotta persuade the wife now that I need to blow savings on a bike I don't need!!
  18. Oh how embarrassing..... A Suzuki! Lol
  19. It doesn't take local knowledge, leaving the docks & clearing Belfast is easy - you're on the edge of a motorway & it's easily signposted Agree that a serviceman could get a hostile reception in certain areas but it's not like Foamy will be wearing a sign round his neck highlighting his career choice. Young guy on a bike getting lost is unlikely to have problems. I'm not gonna argue the point - not really purpose of the thread. Everyone has their own opinions & that's fine. Anyway.... Foamy - i must dig out some local phrases to help u translate for your visit! You may like to know that Vicki Butler-Henderson (off Fifth Gear) described the Antrim coast road as one of her favourite stretches in Europe - it's even better on a bike!!
  20. In my experience, phone several times to enquire about tariffs before agreeing a deal. First few calls were dealt with by a call centre operative on another continent who hadn't a clue & quoted stupid prices. Eventually got a UK employee who was able to talk sensibly & was very helpful.
  21. Got both our phones as free upgrades - had been previously quoted stupid money for new iPhones on same tariff
  22. Quick tip - ask your service provider about refurbished iPhones if you're considering one. May have had small part replaced at factory but supplied as good as new with exact same warranty & fraction of the price. Got one for me & the wifey - both cheap as chips!
  23. An hour to clear Belfast - No disrespect but thats Bollocks. You arrive on the edge of the city & can access motorways easily and get clear relatively quickly. As for the 'places you don't want to wander in to if you get lost' - thats pretty harsh. I'm certain theres the odd spot in every city that aint perfect but majority of people from NI will greet you warmly unless you're a cock. It aint fucking Beirut you know.... Foamy, for your info. Best place to sail into depends where you wanna go. Larne is handy is want to go North around the coast road. Belfast gives better access to motorways etc. Latest road improvements now mean that Dublin to Belfast takes approx 90 mins - its all dual carriageway though will need some small change for toll on the way up. Its an option. While camping is an option theres plenty of cheap B&Bs around that should be considered too.
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