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  1. I think thats because his is a YBR and their substantially lower in insurance group I think it seems no matter what I do I can't shift the £800 mark. I think the value could shift I've even tried lowering the value of my R125 and nothing still I can insured on my dad CBR400RR(If I restrict it after doing my test) for less than my YZF which is stupid. If you could give me the insurance brookers name that would be great thanks
  2. Hey guys, So as I'm turning 17 in July I have prematurely started looking for insurance quotes and the best I have so far been offered for a 17 year old with 1 years no claim bonus a bike locked in a garage is £822.27 by Swinton. I have looked on the usual comparison websites and cannot so far find anything lower than this for a fully comp. The reason I'm going fully comp is the bikes worth £2500 ish and I'm rather reluctant to tempt fate with TPFT again this year as I've done with my TZR. Anyone happen to know of any good insurance brokers for a 125? Cheers guys
  3. Hi there 2 wheels The subframe was cut in half by the previous owner for some reason beyond me the seat didn't even seem to stay on properly but each to their own I suppose. Thanks very much for the information on the bike because I know relatively little about it. It doe's sound like the downpipes are split somewhere when its actually running so will definitely have to look into that Well with the Tyga kit we are looking to do a dual pipe conversion (not sure if we will but its a possibility) yeah we did look at the K Conversion kit but that looks like a no go now the antics in Japan. We were in contact with the dealer listed on ebay about a new fuel tap but it seems unlikely they will be replying to us anytime soon unfortunately
  4. Hey guys it's been a while and thats because me and my dad have been working on a new project bike for when I'm 17 and will be using my dads YZF R125 so he bought a 1989 CBR400RR which had been streetfightered and we are currently restoring it back to a stock bike and will then be purchasing a TYGA body kit to bring it up to date (In terms of visual appeasement). Currently what has been done is we've rewired the bike so that the lights all work again and removed the old subframe since it had been cut in half and will be looking to buy a new one soon enough. Personally I am not a big fan of Honda's work but the TYGA kit looks like something especially nice. Pictures to follow soon
  5. That must cost him a lot in ball point pens
  6. I almost questioned WHY? Then realised the title and thought phew that made me feel rather sick for a moment there haha
  7. Hope your well as soon as possible Take it easy for a while and if you want to keep busy do some extra college work I know that always helps me when I'm bored(depending on what subjects you do and how much you enjoy them) if not there's always computer gaming learn an instrument? Learn to draw? There's many things you can do but whether you will enjoy them could be something of a dilemma. Get well soon ChristianSRA
  8. ChristianSRA


    What about something like the Royal British Legion Bikers? Click me
  9. She will eventually the bug catches everyone
  10. As in someone he knows could take the bike down for him (who has a full license) and they can pillion with them? Or get a lift down with someone else?
  11. Hey guys just a quick one. Is it actually possible to change a GSXR headlights from the 1997 version to say a 2004ish version? The bikes are nice but the headlights are ghastly? Cheers guys ChristianSRA
  12. Hey Can I recommend you make an intro in the "noobs" section first. The answer to your question would be go to a bike shop and ask them that way you would get the 100% correct colour. The best place to buy would probably be from somewhere like halfords or somewhere like that (once you learn the code of the paint) I believe there is a place called the house of kolor I've heard of before which will match any colour you show them (most places have the ability to do this with a piece of colour matching software usually achieved by scanning in a picture of the item and the colour is then match I believe this can be slightly expensive though) Cheers ChristianSRA
  13. Hahaha stay away from the intercoms then the nagging will be 24/7 or buy her one and "forget" yours
  14. Just a little tip if your going to be making video's is to plan what your going to talk about before you start: Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance
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