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  1. If you're determined to do a Swingarm conversion, have you seen a VFR unit fitted? Single sided looks well...
  2. Look forward to pics, tyga kits can look well. Have you seen K Conversions kits? Also look very nice, worth a look
  3. Saw an excellent documentary bout him & James Hunt recently. The sport misses characters like him
  4. Looks excellent, glad you found a good one! Ready for the Transalp now too?
  5. Welcome! Where abouts u from - I'm from Co Down
  6. Sounds stupid but also check the Run switch to make sure it's on!
  7. Hey all, In the middle of a restoration project (not a yam so haven't bored you with the details) & it's got me thinking about some bikes that have been in the family over the years. Is there any way to see if bikes are still around using the Reg? Thanks Vic
  8. Assume it was a Renault Rx4, not a Mazda rx4? The Mazda is an awesome car!!
  9. Good old sky +, recorded wsb & superstock. 
  10. AWESOME! Loving it so far - looking forward to seeing more
  11. Glad u found a good un! Was more than happy to help. Many happy miles Pat.
  12. Thats good news- hope weather improves & you get lots of happy miles. Where ya find it?
  13. Welcome!! Look forward to seeing pics of your bikes (now & as u rebuilt them)
  14. Headed to my local breakers this saturday again for few bits & bobs but gonna have to restrain myself. Last time i was there I spotted an FZR1000, has been streetfightered - fully polished frame, aftermarket exhaust, nice paint job on the tank (kinda dark cherry with pearl finish then tasteful flames airbrushed on) Someone had spent a lot of money on this! Little or no damage to this, think had been stolen & recovered. Will struggle not to enquire when i'm there! Just wondering what interesting things people have found in breakers etc?
  15. Piece of advice, put a label on your electrical terminals to remind you where each one is connected to, saves time later. Also note the way the throttle cable etc are routed through the frame. Expect the voltage regulator to need replaced if bike has been lying for a while, its behind that LHS rear seat panel. Lots of FZR streetfighters about, so can get plenty of ideas from what has already been done. Popular change is to fit a seat unit off an R6 or R1 - check out topics on this forum to see pics of what i mean.
  16. Welcome. Think I have electronic copy of manuals from my 3HE - ur welcome to copy if it's any help. Not a bad find for the money. Glad to see the nose section is in one piece, they seem to be most common bit damaged (just behind the mirrors)
  17. vic-fzr600

    Bike Show

    sounds like a good plan - new road to belfast wil have you there in no time! plenty of spaces out front of Kings Hall to park, or try the Kings Head across the road (its good for food or a pint too)
  18. vic-fzr600

    Bike Show

    It'll put an hour in for you - but its not up to the standard it used to be. Kinda depends what you're interested in as well. I used to spend as much time at the classics as i did at the new stuff! But that side of it has been poor in recent years. My sons love seeing the bikes - thats main reason i'm going (& i only live 15 mins away from it)
  19. vic-fzr600

    Bike Show

    Another member from the North? Where ya from chum? I'll prob end up going coz my wee boy wants to but it's been (in my opinion) getting worse year on year. Last year was awful, tried to cram the classic, custom, autojumble & trials section upstairs & it sucked. Used to be better when classics were in the hall out the back.
  20. Nay bother! Got another one though it's blue, but always good to have options. http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/95/73506895.html
  21. Pat, found another one that ticks your boxes http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/63/73317363.html Hope this one is in better shape Vic
  22. Just thank f**k that Janet Jackson's raspberry-ripple didnt make another appearance!!
  23. Towards the end of last year I noticed that my sons PW was gettin harder to start, plus I thought there was a slight knock/rattle from the engine though it seemed to run ok. Have read that these could be symptoms of worn rings. Is it worth pullin it apart now before the better weather starts to replace parts? Or any easy tests to check ? Thanks folks
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