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Donation of Car Transportation Required


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So, since I bought my Thunderace 2.5 years ago, my poor old Vauxhall Vectra has had hardly any use.
For the last Year and a half it's just sat sadly outside the house (on the drive) SORNed.


It's beyond my personal skillset to put right, so I am donating it free of charge to Wakefield Technical College (Automotive Department), where it will spend the next 2-3 years being taken apart and put back together and so on by the Mechanic Students...
But we've run into a snag...

They have someone that can come and pick it up on one of his own trailers, but they've got a couple of people self isolating and they have no one that can stand in and take his classes while he does it.


What I need is someone that can donate a bit of time to transport it from Dewsbury to the Castleford Campus.


I personally would like this done as soon as possible, as we've just bought a house and the car is still sat outside our old flat and the Landlord would quite like it moved (probably the polite version!).


Is there anyone out there that can help?


P.S. It's a runner and shouldn't have any problems getting up onto either a trailer or transporter.

P.P.S. I am off all this week and can do it anytime, any day except Friday (it's my birthday and I'll probably be in no state! :D ).

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sorry im too far away. but had to comment to ask who in their right mind would buy a Vectra 😝

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1.8 SRI, R reg (facelift C).

It's been weeping oil for the last 5 years and hasn't missed a beat! But with an engine light on and the airbag light on, I just can't afford to get it through its next MOT.

It's NEVER failed to start while it has charge in the battery...

It's NEVER broken down...

It's worked hard for us for the last 9 years and been the most reliable car I or any of my mates has had, it's never let us down!

I turned the key on it yesterday for the first time in over 6 months. Didn't even stutter! Started right up.

I'm sorry to see it go, but I just don't have the skills to fix it up.
But this way, it has another 2 or 3 years of life teaching budding mechanics how to do it.

I just need to get the thing over to the College..! lol

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