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  1. check the chain and clutch adjustment. my bike struggles finding neutral if the chain is slack.
  2. that bike in the pic is only 125cc's?
  3. we welcome, ang heed jimmys advice.
  4. thanks Mike, its just what i take with my old mobile phone. will you be going past Bath on your ride out? i like it out that way coming back from that way in the spring, i went through a little village called Midford, just south of Bath. there was an impressive looking property there called Midford castle which caught my eye. i googled it when i got home and it turns out the actor Nicholas Cage used to own it.
  5. you have far too many nice bikes, i hate you already welcome aboard.
  6. now that the nights are drawing in, im getting caught out after dark. summer never seems to last long. went out on a run to cool down more than anything! somewhere near Salisbury...
  7. jcr

    DT50 2007

    it has always been a switch on my Yams, much like the light switch you will find in a house, on the left hand handlebar. down for dipped and up for main beam.
  8. pics or it didnt happen
  9. you can thank bike magazine journalists for its reputation. they can be a bit prattish. much like Top gear, if its not a super fast track machine, its a boring old farts ride enjoy your ride and take pleasure in knowing you bagged a hidden gem.
  10. my last jaunt found me leaving the A/B roads and exploring some country lanes. one of the great things about biking in the UK, is all the lovely places waiting to be discovered once you leave the beaten track. passed through a scenic little village called Wherwell at one point. my pics dont do it justice-
  11. hello and welcome. some of my best biking experiences were on a 125.
  12. i lowered the rear on my Thunderace. just had to change the dog bone on the rear suspension linkage. it dropped the seat height 25mm and made a big difference for me. i only have a 28 inch inside leg its an easy enough job to do. another thing that really improved the handling of the bike was changing the fork oil. or you could wear thick souled boots. there are some motorcycle boots designed for shorties, that have an extra thick souls. unfortunately they cost hundreds! i wear Dr Martens, which i find help.
  13. hello and welcome. its good to see someone keeping 2 strokes alive.
  14. welcome, and good luck with the project.
  15. my bike is designed to run on semi synthetic oil. i have been told that putting fully synth has been known to caus eclutch slip. does your clutch have the small ball bearing at the end of the rod? have you forgot to put it back in? i have come across numerous clutch slip problems caused by this.
  16. welcome aboard. i think id find a 50cc bike a bit to slow these days. especially as i weigh about 50% more now, than i did in the 80's i hope your project brings you fun.
  17. i dont ride in the wet. thats what cars are for!
  18. you can take the power valve out and rotate it 180 degrees to get a feel for the top end rush. you will lose all bottom end power, then the engine will suddenly go bonkers in the upper rev range. fun to try, but not to live with.
  19. my first and favourite bike was a little TZR125. my advice would be leave it in its restricted state. i eventually bought the ypvs motor for mine, and while it makes the bike a lot faster, it wears the top end out alarmingly quick. derestrict it, and you will be doing regular top end rebuilds.
  20. i go out after 7:30pm to avoid traffic, or before 9:30am on weekend mornings. taking it easy preserves your licence and allows you to enjoy the scenery my last ride i decided to treat the bike to some salt air. stopped at Barton on sea to enjoy the view across the Solent to the isle if Wight. the car parks had cleared out a lot by the time i got there. its always nice to avoid other people when your a miserable old git like me
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